Julianne De La Cerda Head Shot

1 LMU Drive, UH 4728 
Los Angeles, CA 90045 
P: 310.568.6634
E: julianne.delacerda@lmu.edu 

Julianne De La Cerda, B.A.  
Graduate Research Assistant

Julianne De La Cerda is a Research Assistant at the Psychology Applied Research Center at LMU. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). During her time as an undergraduate, she was Lab Coordinator of a team that researches cultural factors that contribute to the development of psychopathology in Latino youth who live in rural areas of Southern California. She also researched ADHD and aggression in a clinical setting and served as a qualitative coder for an Autism project investigating parent- child interactions at UCLA. After her time at UCLA, Julianne worked as a full time research assistant at the University of Southern California (USC) in an addiction laboratory. There, she assisted with a lab study that investigated African American cigarette smokers and potential behavioral and genetic links to addiction. Julianne’s research interests include adolescents, and understanding cultural factors that contribute to resiliency and influence health behaviors, such as substance use initiation.