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1 LMU Drive, UH 4725
Los Angeles, CA 90045
P: 310.338.7093

Erika Orozco, M.A.
Lab Manager

Erika Orozco is a research assistant at the Psychology Applied Research Center at LMU. She completed her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. degree in Experimental Psychology at California State University, Fullerton. As an undergraduate student, she worked as a research assistant for the Fibromyalgia Research Center, Active Cognition & Memory Experimental Lab, and Biological Psychology Lab. As a graduate student, she worked as a  research assistant for the Twin Studies Research Center where she conducted a study using the twin studies model to measure environmental influences on non-verbal cognitive development in children and adults, now published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.  Additionally, Erika worked as a teaching assistant for Intermediate Statistics & Research Methods classes and tutored visually impaired students on computing statistical analysis in SPSS. She also worked as a peer mentor and academic advisor for undergraduate psychology students.  After completing her graduate degree, she worked as an online academic advisor serving under-represented and non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students across the United States. She also served as a non-profit organization volunteer in downtown Los Angeles & Anaheim, working with adults individually to overcome barriers reconnecting to the workforce. Erika is interested in both academic and applied research and her current interests are in areas related to community psychology, program evaluation, cognitive psychology & neuroscience, and clinical psychology. She hopes to continue to focus her professional pursuits towards addressing social justice priority issues congruent to PARC’s mission.