Political Science Learning Community

Political Science Learning Community

Political Science Living Learning Community group shot

2016-17 Political Science Learning Community

In the Political Science Learning Community, you will build friendships with other first-year students who share your passion for politics, build relationships with your professors, immerse yourself in LMU's academic, social and political life, and explore Los Angeles.  

This select group of students will take the following introductory courses together in their first year:

Fall Semester

POLS 1600 - International Relations - Instructor: Dr. Feryal Cherif

This course is an introduction to international relations. It provides a framework for analyzing state behavior and political phenomena in world politics. The course focuses understanding how and why states some times cooperate and some times find themselves in conflict, the influence of international institutions, the origins of terrorism and mechanisms of counterterrorism, and finally human rights. Broadly speaking, it addresses the questions of how things happen in the international system and why.

POLS 1800 – Political Science Learning Community - Instructor: Dr. Feryal Cherif

This series of two courses provides students with the opportunity to get to know Professors in the department and their areas of specialization and research interests.  Students will also learn about internships and career opportunities in the field of political science, become familiar with the resources available on campus for success as a Political Science major, and develop good academic habits. 

Spring Semester

POLS 198 – Political Science Learning Community

The second semester in this series will help students to develop strong academic skills while exploring a variety of future career possibilities.

Students in the learning community will participate in exciting activities that may include trips to a variety of hot-spots in Los Angeles.

Activities Include:  

  • Visiting LA sites
  • Political Movie Nights on campus
  • Participating in volunteer work on and off campus
  • Learning about international study opportunities
  • Learning about internship opportunities
  • Receiving personal invitations to special Department events

RHET 1000 – Rhetorical Arts (Political Rhetoric) - Instructor: Dr. John Parrish

Director of the Program
Dr. Feryal Cherif