In order to complete the International Experience requirement, many international relations majors choose to enhance their learning through study abroad courses. In addition to studying abroad, BCLA Global Immersion courses offer an opportunity for IR majors to further their international experiences and deepen their understanding of world affairs.* Below are some resources to start your search for a life-changing global experience.

* Note that BCLA Global Immersion courses do not satisfy the study abroad requirement for the IR major or minor.

Studying Abroad Makes an Impact on IR Students

Anna Thompson

“I loved developing both my social and personal skills. I was with people 24 hours out of a day, 5 days a week, to study, travel, and relax. I made some of my best friends who now live all over the country. In terms of personal skills, I learned how to speak up when asking for directions, how to comfortably (and safely!) travel on my own, and how to laugh at the inevitable foibles that happen from being in an unfamiliar country. I developed a passion for becoming comfortable in initially uncomfortable positions, which has led me to participate in trips through LMU’s AB Program to Haiti, Guatemala, and Cuba.”

– Anna

Program: LMU Summer in Rome
Location: Rome, Italy
Term: Summer 2016

Johnny Bonk

“As an International Relations major, learning about the world and its complexities is best understood when you immerse yourself in a place that you want to learn about. Aside from the knowledge and insight that can be gained from academic literature, the knowledge and experiences gained while living and interacting within the community you're interested in provide an enriching and humbling perspective.”

– Johnny

Program: LMU Summer in Croatia
Location: Zagreb Croatia
Term: Summer 2018

Valentina Baccianella

“Being able to study and intern as an International Relations major abroad truly helped me put my future and career goals onto a more clear, attainable path. The internship aspect of my program offered me invaluable experience in the international working world and helped me pinpoint my career interests. Upon completing my study abroad experience, I have come to the realization that I want to further my education abroad and hopefully work abroad after, preferably London. My time studying abroad profoundly affected my college experience and further helped me decide what I want to do post-undergrad.”

– Valentina

Program: LMU Semester in London: Study & Internship Program
Location: London, United Kingdom
Term: Spring 2018

Jules in Ecuador

“My time in Ecuador was an eye-opening and one-of-a-kind experience! Quito is an amazing city, rich in culture and history that is dramatically situated between towering Andes peaks. This program offers a culturally and linguistically diverse experience. Spanish was the language of instruction, which helped improve my language skills significantly. Additionally, I had the privilege of learning introductory Quichua, the native indigenous language, as well as how languages reinforce, instill and subvert power relationships in Ecuador. In classes, we were given unique assignments. For instance, one day we were broken up into small groups and instructed to visit small, local towns via public transportation. Next, we were instructed to interview locals and learn about their lifestyles within the community. This program also included multiple excursions around Ecuador, including the Upper Amazon Basin in Pastaza, Guayaquil and the Galapagos Islands. My host family in Quito was friendly, caring and cooked amazing food; they made me feel like I was part of the family. I highly recommend SIT Ecuador: Development, Politics & Languages for IR majors!”

– Jules

Program: LMU SIT Ecuador: Development, Politics & Languages
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Term: Spring 2020