Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Program requirements:

  • 30 credit hours of course work (10 courses)
  • Reading proficiency in French, German, Latin, or Greek
  • A successful completion of the oral examination:
    • The examination is a one-hour discussion and defense, in discussion with three members of the faculty, of an essay selected by the student from those written during his or her M.A. studies.

Strongly Recommended:

  • Participation in the Teacher Orientation and Practicum [TOP], with certification of participation by the Department of Philosophy upon completion
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain in good standing in the program and to maintain their grant support
  • Students are strongly advised to finish their coursework on time and to avoid taking 'incompletes'

Course options & Schedule Information:

  • Students are advised to take:
    • Six courses in their first year
    • Four in their second
    • A few summer courses are usually offered, one during each of the two summer sessions
  • Students may complete their credit requirement with their own choice of graduate courses
    • Students are encouraged to meet with the Director to discuss their selections
    • A portion of the course requirement may be fulfilled by graduate course work in the Departments of English or Theological Studies, or in the Bioethics Institute, with the approval of the Program Director.