Degree Requirements

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (for all students beginning Fall 2019)
  • 30 graduate units of course work (10 courses, plus the Area Examination), which must include:
    • Graduate Proseminar, which must be taken in the student’s first fall semester in the program
    • Area Examination (0 units), which must be taken in the student’s final semester in the program
    • At least three courses in one of the following program areas:
      • Classical Metaphysics
      • Contemporary Continental Philosophy
      • Virtue, Freedom, and Responsibility
      • Comparative and Global Philosophy
    • Students may fulfill at most six units of these requirements by graduate course work in the Departments of English, Theological Studies, Bioethics, or Yoga Studies (namely pertaining to the comparative and global philosophy area, e.g. Indian Philosophy)
  • Demonstrated reading proficiency in one of the following philosophical research languages, or a different language by justified request (usually pertaining to a specific research topic or theme that the student will use in further graduate work):
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Greek
    • Latin
  • Successful completion of the Area Examination. The student will submit an essay (either written for a course or an essay written for independent study) which will serve as a starting point to a greater philosophical examination in the area. Reading lists will be determined by the faculty teaching in the program area. Students are expected to clearly articulate the positions presented by the works of the reading list and have their own philosophical positions on the topics discussed.
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain in good standing in the program and to continue to receive program-funded financial aid
  • Students usually take the following distribution of courses:
    • Year One: Three courses per semester
      • Fall: Proseminar, plus two courses
      • Spring: Three courses (for students participating in TOP, the TOP course counts as one of these three)
    • Year Two: Two courses per semester (due to TOP teaching, Ph.D. applications, and program examinations)
      • Fall: Two courses
      • Spring: Two courses, plus the zero-unit Area Examination
  • We strongly encourage students to participate in the Teacher Orientation and Practicum.
  • We strongly encourage students to avoid taking incompletes except in the case of true emergency.