Sylvana Insúa-Rieger | Psychology Major & German Minor '13

Sylvana Insúa-Rieger, Class of ‘13

Following her interests in behavior, the brain, and language, Sylvana majored in psychology and minored in German at LMU. During her sophomore year, she got to know Germany for the first time when she studied abroad in Bonn with the New Europe program. After graduating from LMU, she chose to pursue a Master of Science in Neurocognitive Psychology at the University of Oldenburg in Germany. The program is taught in English, but the German training she received at LMU prepared her for the daily communication challenges outside the classroom.

She is currently writing her thesis and will complete her degree next year. As for what comes next? “I’m grateful for where I am. I’ve learned so much during the years I’ve spent as a student in Germany. I want to thank the comprehensiveness of my German minor, and especially the wonderful Dr. Petra Konow for the language skills that gave me the confidence to do an entire study program abroad. Whatever I move on to after my studies will probably involve languages and critical scientific thinking and psychology. Ideally I will be helping others using the skills and knowledge I have gained at LMU and in Oldenburg,” she says.