Courses of Interest

Courses of Interest

Comparative Cultures: German-Turkish Film and Fiction.

Since the 1960s the presence of Turkish "guest workers" in the Federal Republic of Germany has slowly become one of the most charged areas of contemporary cultural identity for Germans as well as for Turks. Almost 3 million people with Turkish migration background live in Germany. As they have entered various levels of German society from politics to business and education, a new generation of German-Turkish artists, writers, filmmakers and intellectuals have become prominent. Turkish-German film directors, and fiction writers have dramatized the shifting landscape of Turkish and German identities: the conflict with the older, more traditional Turkish generation; the tension between Western, liberal values and orthodox religion; Germany's own evolution from an ethnic, blood-based notion of national identity to the more heterogeneous, cosmopolitan, and multicultural ideals of the new Berlin Republic.

This class will analyze issues of cultural identity and acculturation, contrasting religious and moral traditions, and the tensions between German and Turk communities, as depicted in films, and literary texts by Turkish-Germans as well as Germans.

Course cross-listed as: FNLT 4200 (CRN 44498), MDLG 4998 (CRN 44423), or GRMN 4998 (CRN 44396)

Instructor: Petra Liedke Konow