English Works on Disk

English Works on Disk

The following works held by the Los Angeles Lonergan Center are in digital format.


    VOLUME 3: Insight: A Study of Human Understanding

    VOLUME 5: Understanding and Being, The Halifax Lectures on INSIGHT
  • Method in Theology
  • Supplement to De Verbo Incarnato: On Good and Evil, trans. Shields
  • De Deo Trino: Pars Systematica, trans. Brezovic
  • Knowledge and Learning, Gonzaga Institute, July 15-26, 1963

    Class notes of Jean-Marc Laporte S. J.

    Notes of Bernard Tyrrell (74 pages handwritten) of the first four lectures
    (typed by Armando Bravo)
  • The Lonergan Reader, eds. Morelli and Morelli