There are many viable career pathways for Liberal Studies majors, who are among the most employable of graduates. LMU Liberal Studies students are highly respected across the state and the nation and are in demand. Most Liberal Studies graduates choose to immediately begin their careers as elementary educators and do so across a variety of settings—both public and private. However, many others choose to continue on to graduate school, or teach and take graduate classes simultaneously. Others participate in a post baccalaureate service year or participate in Teaching Fellowships of various kinds. Additionally, LMU has two graduate education programs with a focus on Catholic schools in particular—CAST (Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers) and PLACE (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education). Each year several LBST students enter these excellent mission driven graduate programs as well. For those students who earn the Bilingual Authorization at LMU (in Mandarin or Spanish), employment in bilingual settings awaits them.