Advising FAQs

Group shot of JWST faclty on stairs

What courses are required for the minor?
Please see our Minor Requirements page for details.

Can I add the minor to any major, in any college?

Is the Capstone course required? Can I take it in my junior year?
Under special conditions, the Capstone course may be taken in the student's junior year. The course is not required, but can satisfy a requirement.

Can I take a course from another department and have it count toward the minor, even if it isn't cross-listed?
Yes, in consultation with the Program Director.

What kinds of internships does the Program offer?
Internships are awarded at Jewish organizations in the Los Angeles area, or organizations or agencies that have offices in Los Angeles. They include opportunities at Consulates, museums, hospitals, schools, businesses, aid groups and more. Other options are possible in consultation with the Program Director.

Does the Program offer scholarships, fellowships or other funding to students?
The Jewish Studies program believes that students from any background who seek challenges and strive to lead others should be rewarded for their hard work. We award scholarships for academic excellence, significant research and creative projects, and Study Abroad travel. Any student enrolled in a Jewish Studies course may apply for funds (although a few scholarships  are reserved  for Jewish Studies minors). 

What can I do with a Jewish Studies minor?
Anything you desire! Our minors have become college professors, teachers, writers, actors, business owners, lawyers, social workers, doctors, filmmakers, media professionals, and more.