About the Program

About Irish Studies


Irish Studies is an interdisciplinary minor designed to complement a wide variety of majors by providing students with an understanding of the historical and cultural development of the Irish people and the significance of their intellectual, artistic, spiritual, and economic contribution to world civilization, including their experiences as both a post-colonial nation and an emigrant Diaspora.

Taken together, Ireland's historical evolution, its long experience of colonization and cultural oppression; its rich contribution to world literature, art, music; the creative tension in contemporary Ireland between its ancient Celtic heritage and its modern Anglo-Irish/Hiberno-English identity; and its remarkable though often unacknowledged influence upon the countries - chiefly the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa - that make up the far-flung Irish Diaspora constitute a fertile field for intellectual inquiry.

Focused simultaneously on a small nation on the edge of Europe and a far-flung Diaspora and offered within the context of the most culturally diverse city in the world, the minor in Irish Studies is designed to be not merely interdisciplinary but intercultural. At a time when the nearly simultaneous phenomena of a European drive toward unification and an American emphasis on diversity both complicate and enrich our very notions of what constitutes a nation, culture, or people, students minoring in Irish Studies will have the flexibility to explore the richness of the Irish experience from a broad range of perspectives and the opportunity to assess its influence not only in Europe and America but on struggles against cultural and political oppression around the globe.

Learning Outcomes

Students minoring in Irish Studies are given opportunities to learn about:

  • The general history of Ireland and the Irish diaspora 
  • The remarkable literary achievements of the Irish 
  • Irish achievements in cinema and dance 
  • Historical, religious, and moral issues in contemporary Irish politics 
  • The intersection/intermingling of Celtic and Christian worldviews 
  • The connection of Irish struggles for freedom and self-determination to similar struggles in the United States and around the world

Students minoring in Irish studies will be given opportunities to develop:

  • Their ability to perform research into several distinct aspects of the Irish experience 
  • Their ability to compose well-written and thoughtful essays on Irish history, politics, religion, and culture 
  • Their ability to evaluate and appreciate Irish achievements in the arts 
  • Their ability to make connections across disciplines, countries, and cultures

Students minoring in Irish studies will be encouraged to value:

  • The Irish struggle against cultural and political oppression and its relation and continuing relevance to similar struggles around the world 
  • The distinctive contributions of the Irish to European, American and world civilization

Study Abroad

Students can earn up to eight credits toward the minor in Irish Studies in the LMU Summer in Ireland Program at Trinity College in Dublin, one of the oldest and most renowned universities in the world. Students can also arrange to spend a semester or year abroad at an Irish university. 

For more information on studying abroad in Ireland, click here.