Major Requirements

Humanities Major Requirements

Lower Division Requirements:

19 semester hours distributed as follows:

  • 3 semester hours: Studio or Performance Art
  • 8 semester hours from:
ARHS 2000 Foundations of Western Art 4 semester hours
ARHS 2002 Art and Society: Early Christian and Early Modern 4 semester hours
ARHS 2004 Modernism 4 semester hours
  • 8 semester hours from one of the following language sequences:
CHIN 2103 Chinese 3 4 semester hours
CHIN 2104 Chinese 4 4 semester hours
FREN 2103 French 3 4 semester hours
GRMN 2103 German 3 4 semester hours
GRMN 2104 German 4 4 semester hours
ITAL 2103 Italian 3 4 semester hours
ITAL 2104 Italian 4 4 semester hours
JAPN 2103 Japanese 3 4 semester hours
JAPN 2104 Japanese 4 4 semester hours
MDGK 2203 Intermediate Modern Greek I 4 semester hours
MDGK 2204 Intermediate Modern Greek II 4 semester hours
SPAN 2102 Spanish 2 4 semester hours
SPAN 2103 Spanish 3 4 semester hours

Note: An average grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in courses included in the major.

Upper Division Requirements:

At least 30 semester hours in upper division courses distributed as follows:

  • 16 semester hours in concentration in a departmental major.
  • 12 semester hours in one or two fields which support the concentration.

And, in the final semester

  • Two (2) semester hours focusing on the Capstone Project (HMNT 4997).

Note: An average grade of C (2.0) must be obtained in courses included in the major.

The choice of a concentration and of support courses must be formally approved by the Director.

Humanity majors design their program in consultation with the director of Humanities. During the first portion of the major, students become familiar with studio or performing arts, art history, and a modern or classical language. During their junior and senior years, they select four courses in an area of concentration in a liberal arts discipline. Three additional courses drawn from one or two supporting fields of study provide perspective to the area of specialization.