Learning Outcomes

By virtue of pursuing a major in Humanities,

Students should know:

  • How knowledge has been pursued, established, and critically evaluated in at least two different disciplines representing their concentration and supporting field of study
  • The various ways in which artists have developed the fine arts to convey their sense of the world’s surface and its depth
  • A foreign language
  • The content as well as analytical and communicative skills that the study of their concentration demands;

Students should be able to:

  • Communicate insights clearly, effectively, and with nuance in both oral and written form
  • Synthesize insights from a variety of disciplines
  • Develop insights from one discipline for the enrichment of others;

Students should value:

  • The variety of ways in which cognitive, moral, and aesthetic disciplines have enriched our sense of the human condition
  • The further pursuit of those disciplines, as required by their deeper sense of the complexity of the human condition
  • Their responsibility to serve the world as whole persons, with head, heart, and hand.