Faculty Advisor Resources

Through the collaboration of shared governance, in fall 2016 BCLA shifted academic advising models from a faculty-only to a shared-system model. Under this shared system of advising, students have a designated faculty advisor/mentor assigned according to a student’s major, as well as access to a professional advisor based in the BCLA Advising Center. In the shared system, the goal of the faculty advisor is to provide students with a mentor in their chosen major, who acts as a readily available and knowledgeable resource for students to speak with about their course of study.

Below are resources to assist BCLA faculty advisors in the advisement process. The information on this site will be updated to reflect changes to policy or procedures within BCLA and LMU.

For more information on the BCLA Advising Center, please visit: http://bellarmine.lmu.edu/undergraduate/bclaadvisingcenter/.

Questions about faculty advising? Please email BCLAAdvising@lmu.edu.

  • Under the new shared model of advising, designated roles and responsibilities have been established for faculty advisors and BCLA advisors:



    • Understand major requirements
    • Make a major course plan
    • Discuss interests within your major
    • Identify research opportunities
    • Find relevant internships
    • Discuss careers
    • Plan for graduate school
    • Change a major or minor
    • Understand core requirements
    • Choose core classes
    • Plan to meet all requirements
    • Read your CAPP Report
    • Fix problems on your CAPP Report
    • Help you craft a four-year plan
    • Get credit for transfer coursework
    • Get credit for summer classes
    • Troubleshoot problems with course registration
    • Process academic forms
  • The BCLA Advising Center monitors probation and mid-term deficiency students each semester. Each semester, faculty advisors will receive a list of their advisees that are currently on probation or acquire mid-term deficiencies. A good practice is to reach out to these academically “at-risk” students to meet for an advisement session.

  • In January 2017, the BCLA Advising Center launched a monthly student e-newsletter to share resources and advising information with students. Check them out here.

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