BCLA Community-based Learning Partners

The list below includes a sample of BCLA partnerships.  If you are interested in having students in your courses working with these organizations please contact Dr. Deanna Cooke at dcooke1@lmu.edu or extension 8-2917.  

LMU Family of Schools 

The LMU Family of Schools is a university collaborative with 13 local K-12 schools and is dedicated to promoting student success and educational equity for the schools in the Westchester community. The LMU Family of Schools will accomplish its mission through: Service, Partnerships, Professional Development, and Research.

Opportunities for Engaged Learning can be facilitated through the LMU family of schools that meet both the LMU course goals and support educational opportunities in the Family of Schools.   Examples of subject areas that would work well for this project: Any subject that is relevant to K-12 (LMU students can give presentations; mentor; tutor); research methods or stats (for evaluation work); education; race; diversity 

Self Help Graphics & Art (SHG)

One of the oldest Chicana/o arts organizations in LA, is looking to partner with LMU for Community-based learning.  SHG would like to assess the Professional Print Program, through a survey of the artists who participated over the past 10-15 years about their experience. SHG would need a team of students who can help shape the questionnaire, administer the survey (likely on line with face-to-face follow up if necessary), analyze and summarize the results. Our staff at SHG already has some ideas about the contents of the questionnaire but SHG would need assistance in creating the appropriate tool/instrument.  Each year the artists who engage in the PPP number less than 10 so the sample size is small.  Examples of subject areas that would work well for this project: Art History, Research Methods, Chicano or Latino Focus

Westchester Playa Village

Westchester Playa Village (WPV) is part of a nationwide movement of over 100 local Villages formed to assist senior citizens to remain active and independent in the comfort and security of their own homes. The Villages are not physical locations or caregiving agencies, but organized networks of local volunteers, staff and community partners that help members stay engaged in their neighborhoods by providing a wide array of services and programs.  WPV currently provides services to residents of Westchester, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Ladera Heights, Culver City and adjacent communities.  They are currently seeking support for their communications activities including Facebook, websites and creation/editing of a variety of organizational communications.  They also are a volunteer-driven organization and always seeking LMU students to work with their seniors.  Examples of subject areas that would work well for this project: The Elderly, Writing, Communications

The Southern California Library

The Southern California Library documents and makes accessible histories of struggles that challenge racism and other systems of oppression so we can all imagine and sustain possibilities for freedom.  SCL is a community library and archive located in South Los Angeles. Founded 50 years ago, the Library holds extensive collections of histories of community resistance in Los Angeles and beyond.  Anyone may use the Libraries resources to research and put to practice the histories of everyday people working to create change.  The library has been a key partner to BCLA, working with several undergraduate classes and with Graduate English Program, where students gain access to various collections while they support the archiving needs of the library.  Additionally, the SCL has been a thought partner in helping students think critically about South LA by meeting students during BCLA’s Community Tours.   Examples of subject areas that would work well for this project: English, History, Social Justice Courses, Courses about Los Angeles