Congratulations to our successful applicants for BCLA Dean's Office funding in 2016-17 

2017 BCLA Faculty Research and Writing Grant

  • Zaki Eusufzai (ECON): "Do Predictive Analytic Techniques Tend to Reinforce Discrimination Against Disadvantaged Groups?"
  • Richard Gilbert (PSYC): "Would a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Reduce the Motivation to Work? A Meta-Analysis of a Half-Century of Trial Programs"
  • Anna Harrison (THST): "His Face Spoke to Me: Aelred of rievaulx's Lamentation on the Death of Simon"
  • Thomas Herndon (ECON): "Two Essays on U.S. Household Debt and the Sources of Systemic Financial Fragility"
  • Nadia Kim (SOCL): "The New Traditional Man: Changing Asian American Masculinity in Changing Times"
  • Holli Levitsky (JWST): "Human Waste: Excremental Aesthetics and the Holocaust"
  • Brett Marroquín (PSYC): "Cancer Patients and their Partners: Relational Influences on Emotion Regulation, Depression, and Physical Health in Lung and Pancreatic Cancers"
  • Stella Oh (WGST): "Ghost Worlds: Intimate Shadows of War"
  • Kayoko Okada (PSYC): "Neural Bases of Gestural Communication in Native Deaf Signers"
  • Alicia Partnoy (MDLL): "A Very Happy Woman. The Journey of Martina Ramirez"
  • Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson (CLST): "Style and Latina/o Cultural Politics: Affects, Embodiments, Communities"
  • Rebecca Sager (SOCL): "Breaking Down Boundaries: How Donald Trump and Religious Right Are Going to Reshape Church and State"
  • Jeff Siker (THST): "The Bible in the Digital Age: The American Context"
  • Yanjie Wang (ASPA): "Cultural Politics of Representation: Migrant Workers in Contemporary Chinese Cinema"
  • Amy Woodson-Boulton (HIST): "Explaining Art: Anthropology, Culture, and Primitivism in the Age of Empire"
  • Sylvia Zamora (SOCL): "Racial Translations: Mexican Immigrants and Race in a Changing America"

2017 BCLA Research Expense Account

  • Carla Bittel (HIST): "Origins of the Mind: Gender, Phrenology, and Nineteenth-Century American Science"
  • Anna Muraco (SOCL): "Aging in the Margins"
  • Nicolas Rosenthal (HIST): "Painting Native America: American Indian Artists in the Twentieth Century"
  • Mona Seymour (URBN; SOCL): "Veganic Agriculture in the United States"
  • Mairead Sullivan (WGST): "Strange Matter: Lesbian Death in Feminist and Queer Politics"