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Change your perspective. Learn a language. Travel. When you study abroad, you gain the cross-cultural awareness you need to become an ethical leader and a global citizen. From semester and summer study abroad programs to spring break immersions, there's an abroad experience that will work for you in BCLA. 

  • There are over 50 study abroad programs all over the globe, and many are faculty-led and fit into liberal arts major curricula.

    LMU Faculty-led programs:

    • LMU Semester in Croatia
    • LMU Semester in Germany
    • LMU Semester in London, England: Leadership London
    • LMU Semester in London, England: Study and Internship

    Additional program locations:

    • Argentina: SIT Study Abroad Argentina
    • Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
    • Augsburg University in Cuernavaca, Mexico
    • Augsburg University in Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala
    • Australia: Southern Cross University
    • Cardiff University, Wales
    • Champlain Montréal, Canada
    • China: The Beijing Center
    • Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala: Augsburg University
    • Ecuador: SIT Study Abroad
    • France: IAU Aix-en-Provence
    • Ghana: NYU Accra
    • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    • IAU Aix-en-Provence, France
    • India: SIT Study Abroad
    • Ireland: University College Cork
    • Israel: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • Italy: Spring Hill Italy Center in Bologna
    • Japan: Sophia University
    • Mexico: Augsburg University in Cuernavaca
    • Morocco:  SIT Study Abroad
    • New Zealand: Auckland University of Technology
    • NYU Accra, Ghana
    • Peru: SIT Study Abroad
    • Québec, Canada: Champlain Montréal
    • SIT Study Abroad Argentina, Ecuador, India, Morocco, Peru
    • Sophia University, Japan
    • South Africa: Service Learning Program
    • South Korea: Sogang University
    • Southern Cross University, Australia
    • Spain: Universidad de Deusto in San Sebastian
    • Vietnam: The Vietnam Center
    • Wales: Cardiff University
    • Washington, D.C.: The Washington Center internship program

    Visit the Study Abroad Office to learn more about semester study abroad programs that work with BCLA majors.

  • Can’t fit an entire semester into your schedule? Summer programs provide shorter abroad experiences for credit, like:

    • LMU Summer in Croatia
    • LMU Summer in Oxford, England
    • LMU Summer in New Zealand
    • LMU Summer in Paris, France
    • LMU Summer in Rome, Italy
    • LMU Summer in Spetses, Greece Odyssey Program

    For details and more summer program options, visit the Study Abroad Office.

  • Every spring, BCLA offers semester-long classes that take a trip abroad during spring break. Need-based financial assistance is available to support travel costs. The current courses include:

    • AFAM 3998/HEAS 3998/PSYC 3019: African and Black Psychology
      Trip to: Accra, Cape Coast, and Kumasi, Ghana
    • ASPA/POLS 3998: International Law and Maritime Disputes in East Asia
      Trip to: Beijing and Haikou, China
    • CHIN 4208: Selected Topics of Contemporary Chinese Society
      Trip to: Shanghai, Suzhou, and Nanjing, China
    • ENGL 3998: Cultivating a Planetary Perspective
      Trip to: Dumfries and Edinburgh, Scotland
    • FNLT 4200/GRMN 3998/HMNT 4998: Berlin Stories: History, Memory, Literature
      Trip to: Berlin, Germany
    • MDGK 3998: Modern Greek Playwrights: Influences and Performance
      Trip to: Athens, Greece

    See more information about BCLA Global Immersion Courses.

  • LMU and BCLA offer financial support for students who wish to study abroad.

    • Semester Abroad
      Institutional aid via Financial Aid is available for some semester study abroad programs. Study Abroad Financial Assistance Grants support students who study abroad. The award is based on financial need and a project proposal.
    • Semester Abroad in London
      Each semester, the Institute for Leadership Studies chooses one political science student to join the prestigious Hansard Fellowship Program in London, which includes a semester of study at the London School of Economics and Political Science, coupled with an internship in the British House of Commons. This competitive program covers the cost of studying abroad, is only open to political science and international relations majors.
    • Summer Abroad in Asia
      The Ferdinand Verbiest, S.J. Award funds summer study abroad in Asia for history majors/minors, Asian and Pacific Studies majors/minors, and liberal studies majors with a history focus. Learn more via LMU Study Abroad or ask the History Department for application details.
    • Summer Abroad in Catholic Studies or Jewish Studies
      Student Enrichment Funds in Catholic Studies and Jewish Studies can provide funding to Catholic Studies or Jewish Studies minors who participate in a thematically relevant abroad experience. Ask the program directors for Jewish Studies or Catholic Studies for details on qualifying programs.
    • Global Immersion Courses
      Need-based aid is available to fund travel costs for BCLA Global Immersion courses each semester. In 2017, BCLA provided at least partial support to all qualified applicants, over $100,000 in aid total.
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Majoring in International Relations

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