A rarity among English Graduate degrees, Loyola Marymount University’s signature Master of the Arts program aligns with the university’s mission to educate the whole person and promote justice.  

Students have the unique opportunity to specialize in one of three distinct tracks of study: Literature, Creative Writing, or Composition and Rhetoric. Due to this unique structure, the MA addresses the needs of diverse students – scholars planning to pursue doctoral studies, writers seeking to hone their creative craft in pursuit of publication, teachers at the high school and college level, and professionals working to cultivate critical reading and writing skills applicable to careers in the public sector.  

Throughout the course of study for each of the three tracks, our tailored curriculum integrates scholarship with professional development, in a classroom-to-career model in which all students:

Research, read, and write about literary and theoretical texts rigorously, in a way that is at once historically self-conscious and conversant with current scholarship. 

Enrich the Los Angeles community through engaged learning activities, where students serve non-profit organizations while refining their own reading, writing, and research skills.

Learn how to present their writing at regional, national, and international professional conferences. Graduate Student Achievements

Produce a capstone project, a professional portfolio that evidences a student's independent critical and/or creative writing, research abilities, and professional experience and/or teaching preparation.