The Journalism Minor is open to all LMU undergraduates. English Majors are allowed to double-count one course for the Major and the Minor. Contact Kate Pickert at for more information.


Five 4-unit Courses, 20 Units


1. Language of Journalism (JOUR 2100)


2. Critical and Ethical Issues in Journalism (JOUR 3300)


3. Three Journalism electives for a total of 12 units. Course options include but are not limited to:

  • Arts and Culture Journalism (JOUR 4465)
  • Sports Journalism (JOUR 4471)
  • Political Journalism (JOUR 5511)
  • Video Journalism (JOUR 4472)
  • Literary Journalism (JOUR 5591)
  • Telling Stories with Sound (JOUR 4401)
  • Investigative Reporting (JOUR 4407)

For more courses, see the University Bulletin