The Journalism Minor is open to all LMU undergraduates. English Majors are allowed to double-count one course for the Major and the Minor. Contact Kate Pickert at for more information.


Five 4-unit Courses, 20 Units


1. Language of Journalism or Writing for Journalism (JOUR 2100 or JOUR 2210)


2. Critical and Ethical Issues in Journalism (JOUR 3300)


3. Three Journalism electives for a total of 12 units. Course options include but are not limited to:

  • Arts and Culture Journalism (JOUR 4465)
  • Sports Journalism (JOUR 4471)
  • Political Journalism (JOUR 5511)
  • Video Journalism (JOUR 4472)
  • Literary Journalism (JOUR 5591)
  • Telling Stories with Sound (JOUR 4401)
  • Investigative Reporting (JOUR 4407)

For more courses, see the University Bulletin