Links - Academic Programs

Links - Academic Programs

  • Fordham University Orthodox Christian Studies Program: 
    The mission of this Fordham University (New York, USA) program is to provide a venue for the academic study of Eastern Orthodox Christianity that is enriching not only for students and faculty but for the Orthodox and non-Orthodox communities in New York and across the country.  The program sponsors an undergraduate minor degree, an annual lecture, an annual conference, the Orthodox Christianity and Contemporary Thought Series with Fordham University Press, and the Orthodox Christian Fellowship Student club.

  • Located in New York (USA), St. Vladimir's is a graduate professional school that seeks to serve the Orthodox Church through theological education and scholarship.  It educates future priests and church leaders and contributes directly to Orthodox theology through the scholarly activities of its faculty.  The seminary was given a two-fold mandate by the leaders of the Orthodox Church upon its founding: 1) to prepare well-educated clergy and other leaders to serve the Orthodox faithful in the U.S., and 2) to promote study and research in Orthodox theology, history and culture.

  • Holy Cross is a unique graduate School of Theology and Seminary of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, a province of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  Through its community life and academic programs, it seeks to emphasize the intimate relationship between the study of Orthodox theology and worship and service to others.

  • The Seminary recognizes its primary mission as providing the necessary theological, liturgical, spiritual and moral foundations for Orthodox men to become, as God so wills, good shepherds of His Holy Orthodox Church.  At the same time, the Seminary also accepts individuals who enroll in a professional theological training program for the fulfillment of needs other than those of ordained ministry, such as preparation for general religious leadership responsibilities in parishes and other settings; advanced theological study; specialized ministry as religious educators or choir directors; and/or personal spiritual enrichment. 

  • Member of the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, CA (USA), the PAOI exists to educate, communicate, promote and sustain the traditions, values, teachings and culture of Orthodox Christianity.  Offers an MA in Orthodox Christian Studies and hosts lectures, symposia, and other educational programs.

  • Independent non-profit institute, location in Massachusetts, USA, which serves to promote: 1) The study of Byzantine and modern Greek life, art, thought, language, philosophy, and religion (primarily Orthodox Christianity); 2) The dissemination of this knowledge to scholars and the general public through research, publications, lectures, and discussions; 3) The importance and relevance of Byzantine and modern Greek civilization for present-day American life and civilization.

  • Located at the University of St. Paul, Ottawa (Canada), the Sheptytsky Institute specializes in Eastern Christian Studies, with special but not exclusive emphasis on the tradition of the Church of Kyiv.  The Institute offers degree programs in Eastern Christian Studies from the undergraduate certificate through the bachelor's, masters and doctoral levels. Its main interests lie in the fields of theology, spirituality, history, and ecclesial polity of the Eastern Churches, both Orthodox and Catholic.  The Institute studies all four families of Eastern Churches: Eastern Orthodox, Pre-Chalcedonian, Assyrian and Eastern Catholic.

  • Institute of Ecumenical Studies:
    Program at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine).  Offer's a master's degree in Ecumenical Studies; its goal is to promote, by means of international conferences and publications, interdenominational, international and interdisciplinary reflection on the contemporary ecumenical movement, taking as a starting point theological dialogues and academic research in progress within the Christian world.

  • Program at the University of Cambridge, UK, offering graduate and undergraduate programs.  The Institute is pan-Orthodox and serves the Orthodox Church as a whole, governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from the various Orthodox Churches in Great Britain.

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