Katie (Volz) Brandon '06

Right before I graduated from LMU in 2006 as a European Studies and Classical Civilizations major I secured an interview at the Pasadena Museum of History when a current coworker noticed the Latin skills I had mentioned on my resume. I am now the Retail & Operations Manager of the Pasadena Museum of History where I use the communication skills I cultivated in my Classics courses to work closely with the Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers, and visitors. Although I don't quote Livy in my daily work, I merit my Classical education in the opportunities that have opened up for me.

If any Classics students want to come have a tour of the Pasadena Museum of History, I'd love to give them a behind the scenes tour. 

Angelo Mercado '96

I came to LMU in the fall of 1992 with major undeclared in the College of Liberal Arts, knowing only vaguely that I wanted to study languages and teach. I was assigned to Dr. Jane Crawford, then chair of the department, for advising, who convinced me to take Latin I with her. I immediately fell in love with the language. I eventually majored in Classics, picking up Greek and dipping into Sanskrit along the way, and I decided that I wanted to be a professor, to be a teacher-scholar like Dr. Crawford and Dr. Dillon. Along with then visiting professor Georgios Giannakis, Dr. Dillon turned me onto what would become my main scholarly interest: metrics, where linguistic form and poetic art meet. After graduating in 1996, I went on to pursue graduate studies in Classics at UCLA, later comparative Indo-European philology, and I am currently a visiting professor at Colgate University, having taught previously at Vassar College and UC Santa Cruz.