Learning Outcomes

Bioethics Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bioethics Institute will be able to:

  • Understand the basic problems, methods, and approaches to the field of bioethics
  • Familiarize with the main ethical theories of bioethics and identify the philosophical components of the public discussion on bioethical issues
  • Engage in the critical analysis of bioethical questions and articulate their theoretical and practical dimension
  • Recognize and interpret the theological presuppositions of bioethical questions and appreciate the contribution of religious traditions to the field of bioethics
  • Appreciate the importance of ethical dialogue across different philosophical traditions
  • Become familiar with the clinical context of medicine and recognize the ethical challenges facing health care professionals and their patients today
  • Understand the legal and public policy implications of bioethics and become able to understand the interplay of morality and law both at a general level and in relation to specific bioethical issues.