A New Way of Thinking on Campus

The Bellarmine Forum is LMU's annual celebration of the life of the mind, offered by the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. The 2021 Bellarmine Forum goes beyond the traditional academic conference, creating a range of unique ways for LMU to examine the climate crisis. 

Common Courses

Interdisciplinary dialogue will provoke greater insight on the processes that are driving the climate crisis, the ways these processes are linked to historic and contemporary forms of exploitation, how communities are responding, new alliances that are forming, and lessons about resilience and adaptation from the past and from other species.

Special Lectures and Events

This year’s Bellarmine Forum courses, public events, and lectures will seek to examine the unjust and unsustainable systemic arrangements that effect human and nonhuman bodies. The programming will impact the education of our students, provide space and time for critical reflection for our faculty and staff, and build capacity toward future programs. Events are designed for course participants but are open to the community.

Sponsors and Collaborators

The 2021 Bellarmine Forum is made possible with the support of campus and community collaborators including the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, and The William H. Hannon Library.

Bellarmine Forum Archive

In years past, the Bellarmine Forum has covered an array of thought provoking topics, including Building Transformative Justice Where We Stand, The Values of Time, Restoring Justice, and Vulnerability Windows to the Human Condition. For more information, visit the Archive.