A New Way of Thinking on Campus

The Bellarmine Forum is LMU's annual celebration of the life of the mind, offered by the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. The 2019 Bellarmine Forum goes beyond the traditional academic conference, creating a range of unique ways for LMU to participate in "Los Angeles: A Place for the Future" all year long.

Common Courses

The heart of the Bellarmine Forum is a set of courses that invite students to explore collaboration and creativity through multidisciplinary study of faith, culture, and the arts. All Bellarmine Forum courses meet at the same class time to facilitate regular gatherings for seminars, service opportunities, and other shared activities.

Special Lectures and Events

This year’s Bellarmine Forum event series brings in creative scholars, artists, and elected officials from fields and organizations as diverse as urban planning, public policy analysis, indigenous nations, Asian American Studies, and more. Lectures and events will animate topics such as new urbanism of Playa Vista, new economies of Silicon Beach, historical growth and transformation of urban communities, and the new politics and demographics of Los Angeles. Events are designed for course participants but are open to the community.

Sponsors and Collaborators

The 2019 Bellarmine Forum is made possible with the support and collaboration of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles, the Center for Urban Resilience, the University Honors Program, the History Department, the Political Science Department, the Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies Department, the African American Studies Department, the Urban and Environmental Studies Department, the Asian and Asian American Studies Department, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Department.

Bellarmine Forum Archive

In years past, the Bellarmine Forum has covered an array of thought provoking topics, including The Values of Time, Restoring Justice, and Vulnerability Windows to the Human Condition. For more information, visit the Archive.