Student Workshops

BCLA Workshops & Group Advising

The BCLA Advising Center provides students with the opportunity to take part in hands-on workshops and group advising sessions to help students to succeed in their academic journey at LMU. Workshops are multi-faceted, covering topics such as student skill assessment, how to select appropriate classes, and ways to engage in meaningful academic experiences.

  • These workshops cover effective study techniques, note-taking tips, reading skills, test-taking tips, mitigating procrastination, managing stress, creating and managing your schedule, as well as introducing various resources on campus. We also do specific outreach to at-risk students such as those on Academic Probation, and those that received mid-term deficiencies.

    BCLA Time Management Workshop:

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  • First-year students who began at LMU in Fall 2022 are required to complete a Registration Workshop. If you started in Spring 2022 and attended a session last semester, this is not required for you, and instead, you must meet with your assigned faculty advisor to discuss schedule planning and major progress. If you are a first year student, you'll be able to access the workshop here

  • Graduate Programs Workshops TBA

  • Newly Admitted Transfer Student Workshops TBA

  • Undeclared Advising Workshops TBA

  • We offer an Academic Advancement workshop for students on Academic Probation to ensure they are equipped and have the necessary support in order to return to Good Standing. These workshops cover: terms and implications of Academic Probation, overview LMU resources, review the importance of monitoring GPA, discuss factors that cause low grades, and discuss academic success strategies.