Academic Probation

Advisement & Support

We here in the BCLA Advising Center are here to support you on your academic journey at LMU.  Academic Probation is a serious matter, but it is also your opportunity to demonstrate your academic prowess, and return stronger than ever! This webpage is designed to assist with anything and everything related to Academic Probation including the terms of Academic Probation, upcoming workshops, campus resources, and more!

Remember, you have many resources here at LMU including your Faculty Advisor, your Academic Advisor, BCLA Advising Center Office Hours, Study Skills and Time Management Workshops, Academic Advancement Workshops, and many more! You have our support, and we want to see you return to Good Standing and ultimately earn your degree! If you have any questions, please feel free to email


Minimum Requirement to Return to Good Standing at LMU:

  • You must earn a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • You may enroll in a maximum of 16 units
  • You must receive letter grades in a minimum of 12 units
  • You may not receive any grades of F or Incomplete at the end of the semester
  • You are required to complete an Academic Advancement workshop via Brightspace during the semester
  • Important University Deadlines

    • January 13, 2023: Last day to add classes. Last day to withdraw from courses without a grade of “W”.
    • TBD: Last day to complete the required Academic Advancement Workshop.
    • (Deadline TBD): (If required) Last day to meet with an Academic Advisor for the purposes of fulfilling the Academic Probation requirement. Please make sure to set up this appointment at least two weeks in advance as appointment slots can fill up very quickly.
    • March 17, 2023: Last day to withdraw from classes with a grade of “W”

    Academic Probation Requirements

    • Contract - All students on Academic Probation are required to submit an Academic Probation Contract. This contract was emailed to you along with your notice of Academic Probation. If you have not submitted your signed contract, please do so via this link.
    • Academic Advancement Workshop - If you are on Academic Probation, you must complete an Academic Advancement Workshop, and you will receive an email with details regarding how to access the online Brightspace workshop.

    Meet with Academic Advisor

    • Please make sure to set up at least one meeting with an Academic Advisor during the upcoming/current semester. Though it may not be required (you will be notified if it is), this can be extremely helpful for outlining an academic plan, answering any questions regarding academic probation, or any other questions or concerns you may have!

    Meet with your Faculty Advisor

    • Every student at LMU is assigned a Faculty Advisor within your major, which is listed in the “Advisor” section of Degree Works. This will be your go-to advisor for any questions regarding your major, course planning, etc. We highly encourage you to curate a working professional relationship with your Faculty Advisor sooner rather than later!

    Attend Professor Office Hours!

    • Please make sure to continuously attend Office Hours for your courses. Whether you need clarification on course material, or whether you are completely on top of things and would just like to review, office hours are a great way to stay on top of your academics this semester.

    Do Not Skip Class

    • By and large one of the leading factors for Academic Probation is too many absences. Unless you have a valid reason, please make the active effort to attend every class.

    Academic Skills Workshops

    • BCLA offers both Study Skills and Time Management Workshops. These workshops are optional, but are highly recommended for students on Academic Probation. More info can be found in the Study Skills and Time Management Workshops drop-down below.
  • BCLA's Time Management and Study Skills workshops are open to all students, and cover effective, empirically proven, study techniques, note-taking tips, reading skills, test-taking tips, tips on mitigating procrastination, managing stress, creating and managing your schedule, and much more. Students have found that these workshops are extremely helpful when trying to build or bolster effective study habits, as well as providing a good work/life balance. These workshops are optional, but are highly recommended for students on Academic Probation.


  • BCLA offers an Academic Advancement Workshop for all students on Academic Probation. 

    These workshops are mandatory and are designed to help Academic Probation students navigate Academic Probation requirements, grant academic and professional advice for returning to Good Standing, review a bevy of campus resources, as well as to provide stress management tips. The Academic Advancement workshop is a critical step to ensuring a return to Good Standing.

  • Q: What happens if I don’t meet the minimum terms of Academic Probation?

    • A: If you do not meet the terms above, you will be subject to Academically Disqualification from the University for a period of one year.

    Q: What resources are available for students on Academic Probation?

    • A: BCLA offers a number of resources for students on Academic Probation. BCLA offers Virtual Office Hours Monday through Friday 10 am to 12 pm, and 3 pm to 5 pm. Our Academic Advisors are also available to meet one on one via virtual or in-person appointments. We also offer mandatory Academic Advancement Workshops, which are comprehensive and cover all Academic Probation requirements, as well as offer academic advice on best practices to return to Good Standing. Study Skills and Time Management Workshops are also offered every semester and are open to all LMU students. Every LMU student also has a dedicated Faculty Advisor (listed in Degree Works) for their entire time at LMU, which is an advisor within their specific major. Students are highly encouraged to connect with their Faculty Advisor throughout the semester. Of course, this website is also an excellent resource for students on Academic Probation. Academic Advisors oversee the Academic Probation process, along with Assistant Dean Lauren Sinclair, please feel free to email BCLA Advising at

    Q: My cumulative GPA is very low, what happens if I don’t meet the minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA requirement?

    • A: It is extremely important for you to calculate the minimum grades you must receive in the current semester in order to reach a 2.0 cumulative GPA requirement. Although we require students to receive a minimum 3.0 semester GPA, you may have to earn a semester GPA higher than 3.0 in order for your cumulative GPA to reach 2.0. Please feel free to set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor, they can help you determine the minimum semester GPA you will need. If you do not meet the minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, you will be at risk for Academic Disqualification. Here is a link for a helpful LMU GPA calculator, you can use to project your semester and cumulative GPA.

    Q: My semester is not going well, what should I do?

    • A: We highly encourage you to set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor as soon as possible. We can review your individual case, and advise on what steps are best. We also highly encourage that you communicate with your instructors, and discuss the best possible course of action in order for you to receive passing grades. Please note that the Add/Drop deadline (with a grade of "W") for Fall 2021 is November 5th, 2021. Lastly, we highly recommend that you RSVP for a Study Skills or Time Management Workshop, or both! Be positive, be proactive, and use your resources.

    Q: What steps can I take to return to Good Standing?

    • A: We recommend setting up regular appointments with your Faculty Advisor, as well as a professional advisor in the BCLA Advising Center. We also highly recommend that you attend our Time Management and Study Skills Workshops. We also highly recommend regularly visiting professor office hours for your individual courses. Lastly, have a positive attitude, you will absolutely return to Good Standing if you put in the required effort!

    Q: Can I enroll in fewer than 12 units?

    • A: The minimum amount of units students on Academic Probation should be enrolled in is 12. If you have special circumstances and would like special consideration, please set up an appointment with an Academic Advisor here.

    Q: How bad does Academic Probation look on my record?

    • A: Academic Probation indicates that your GPA fell below the University standard of 2.0. Although this is concerning, the best thing you can do as a student on Academic Probation is to achieve the highest grades you can in the very next semester (and therefore return to Good Standing), and keep the momentum up in future semesters. This is known as an “upward trajectory” and looks very good on your transcript as it demonstrates success in the face of adversity!


  • LMU offers a bevy of resources on campus that are included with your tuition. Please do not hesitate to reach out to these offices if you feel they could be of use to you. The more resources you have in your corner rooting for you, the better!

    • Student Psychological Services - Student Psychological Services (SPS) at Loyola Marymount University provides confidential individual and group therapy; walk-in consultations; emergency psychological services; and psycho-educational outreach programming.
    • Disability Support Services - Loyola Marymount University's Disability Support Services (DSS) Office provides specialized assistance and resources to enable students with physical, perceptual, learning, ADHD and/or psychological disabilities to achieve maximum independence while pursuing their educational goals. Services are offered to students who have established disabilities under federal and state law. 
    • Career and professional Development - At CPD, our first priority is your professional development, as we work with employers, recruiters and alumni to bring about exciting career opportunities tailored to your strengths and interests.  It is our firm belief that LMU’s diverse academic community is made up of the leaders, innovators and healers of tomorrow, so our dedicated staff is pleased to assist with your endeavors along the way.
    • Health, Wellness, and other services - Loyola Marymount University places great importance on the health and well-being of our students and campus community. With a wide range of on-campus services and programs available around the clock, the Division of Student Affairs aims to ensure that our students stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.
    • Academic Resource Center - We offer academic advising, writing center and tutoring support, and first generation student resources.
    • Ethnic and Intercultural Services - The Ethnic and Intercultural Services Department (EIS) provides services and resources that promote the academic mission of Loyola Marymount University. EIS provides a supportive environment where individual growth and cultural expression is encouraged and academic excellence is expected.
    • Office of International Students and Scholars - The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) serves as a resource to the University by ensuring regulatory compliance. OISS provides programs and services that support international students' and scholars' social, educational and professional success, thereby, creating an engaged global community.
  • Here are some helpful non-LMU resources that may be of use to you during and after your time on Academic Probation.

    • LMU GPA Calculator - You can use this to calculation your projected semester and cumulative GPA. We always recommend Academic Probation students use this at least once during the semester. This is helpful to know whether or not a 3.0 semester GPA will be enough to bring you up to a 2.0 cumulative GPA. This is also helpful for projecting what your cumulative GPA can be in a few semesters!
  • Once available, this section will provide helpful guides and other resources for students on Academic Probation.