The LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts is central to Loyola Marymount University's liberal arts education and is dedicated to preparing students to succeed and create lives of meaning and purpose.
The Heart of LMU
A headshot of Phaedra Johnson
Aiming for Service in Action
Phaedra Johnson '20, Phi Beta Kappa
A headshot of Holli Levitsky
Interfaith Living Is a Core Value
Holli Levitsky, Interfaith Education
A headshot of Veronica Backer-Peral
Putting Research and Creativity to Work
Veronica Backer-Peral '22, Interdisciplinary Research
L.A. Is Our Classroom
A photo of the Woolsey Fire
Getting to the Heart of the Story
Carson Miller '19, Journalism
A photo of Ryan Burke
Making a Difference with an Internship
Ryan Burke '20, Civic Environmentalism
A photo of Los Angeles’ Skid Row
Seeing the Humanity in Others
Cheryl Grills, Civic Engagement and Research
Global Reach
A photo in North Korea
Sam Baron '19, Global Learning and Immersion
A photo of a wall of photos corresponding to Disappearances in Mexico
Calos Mesa Baron '19, International Education
A photo of train tracks in Berlin Germany
Elizabeth Drummond, Public History and Digital Humanities

“Two parts of LMU's mission really speak to me: ‘the encouragement of learning’ and ‘the education of the whole person.’ I am not in school to prepare for any specific career, but to prepare for any career.”

- Ayanna Leaphart '19