Yoga Certificates & Individual Courses:

Both for M.A. students and the general public



The Masters in Yoga Studies department works hand-in-hand with the LMU Extension offices, offering Yoga certificates.

Each student in the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program must demonstrate successful completion of one of the following LMU Yoga Studies Extension Certificates:

Yoga Philosophy; Yoga, Mindfulness, and Social Change; Yoga Therapy Rx; Vinyasa Krama Teacher Training; or Yoga and the Healing Sciences.


Yoga Studies Extension Certificates are also open and available to the public.

In addition, courses such as Using Yoga to Overcome Addiction, Ethics and Business of Teaching Yoga and Prison Yoga Project: A Path for Healing Original Pain

are offered in Extension.


More information on Yoga Studies Certificate Programs is available at LMU Extension

More information on individual course are found here by selecting "yoga" from the drop-down menu:   LMU YOGA Extension