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Women's Studies

Mary Alice Cackler, Valerie Linzner, and Jalene Ressegue created 'The F Word' 'zine for their final project in Dr. Stella Oh's Feminist Theories course. Valerie Linzner commented that "Our intention at the time was to make the class aware of obstacles from the past, realities of the present, and what we hope for in the future, which is reflected in our ads. We spent a lot of time on the ads not just to make it look like a "real magazine," but also to target women in a more positive way or poke fun at men's advertising (like the ad with men saying, "Collect them all!"). It was a fun project, and while it didn't always address theories in articles, it addressed them in a more practical way."

The F-Word Zine is available for viewing and downloading in the pdf format.


Mary Alice Cackler  Jalene Ressegue