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Women's Studies

Spring 2011 Research Methods

Feminist Research Methods Class
Feminist Research Methods Presentations Spring 2011

Senior Project 2008

Seniors from the Women's Studies Department at Loyola Marymount University conducted numerous interviews and compiled this video about the changing roles of women.

The Young and the Feminist from danny williams on Vimeo.

Research Methods Symposium 2008

Lahaina Araneta presents her research
Left to Right: Robert Otechi, Stella Oh, Diamond McNeil, Mary Gower, Lahaina Araneta, Jenny Netto, Katie Ortiz, and Alisha Massengale

Senior Seminar Project 2007

Seniors Cathy Dang, Chanté Parsons, Jalene Ressegue, and Danny Williams chose experiences and perceptions of rape and sexual harassment on the LMU campus for their project. They carried out a large-scale survey of a stratified sample of students, and then tabulated their results with the aid of a computer database. Finally, they made several recommendations. They sent a copy of their project to the Dean of Students, who's interested in using their results in summer planning.

Research Methods Presentations 2007

At a well-attended luncheon forum, Stacy Trujeque presented her work on "Sex Education for Young Adults," Ariana Alvarado spoke on "Latinas in Higher Education," and Elhum Yaghoobian researched "Stay at Home Moms."

Senior Project 2006

Members of the Senior Seminar in 2006, Jen Crutchfield, Katy Drazba, and Christine Morrison, were charged with creating a feminism for their generation. After some discussion they decided to create a web page with pictures, essays on feminist topics, jokes, quotations, and links to networking sites. This they called "Feminist Quandaries."