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Women's Studies

Women's Studies Minor

The minor in Women's Studies complements a variety of majors in all four colleges. As its name suggests, its focus is on the experiences and accomplishments of the majority of the world's population. The program is organized on an interdisciplinary basis, utilizing the expertise of faculty members from many departments and covering a wide range of subjects dealing with various aspects of women's lives. The primary objectives of the program are threefold: academic learning and research, personal growth, and social justice.


Minor Requirements

18 semester hours, including WNST 100 or 101, 301, and 497. At least 12 semester hours must be in upper division courses. Students may include Women's Studies Special Studies courses in their minor programs, even though these courses are not listed as such. One may not, however, take the same or substantially the same such course more than once for credit.

Consult the Chair of Women's Studies for advice. Please note that cross-listed courses may have departmental prerequisites; consult departments for details. A minimum grade of C (2.0) must be earned in both WNST 100 and 497. An average grade of C must be earned in all Women's Studies courses.