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Special Courses

Special Courses

The Urban Studies Program curriculum offers students the opportunity to take various specialized courses that depart from the conventional approach of most college classes. In these courses, students will hear from guest lecturers with direct professional involvement in urban affairs and policy, have the opportunity to work alongside real-world professional addressing important problems in today’s cities, and/or conduct original research on important urban problems. These special courses take advantage of LMU’s many linkages to metropolitan Los Angeles, the extraordinarily dynamic, multicultural, postmodern city in which the University is located. Some examples of the specialized classes in Urban Studies include:


Research in Urban Society (URBN 349) - normally offered each spring semester
Each year URBN 349 investigates a special urban theme or topic in metropolitan Los Angeles. Guest lecturers, from a wide variety of professional organizations and governmental agencies, offer their expertise and opinions on the issues addressed in the class and students have the opportunity to interact with major political figures and business leaders. A supervised, integrated research project enables students to conduct primary research on the theme or topic under investigation.


Urban Internship (URBN 455) – normally offered each semester
All Urban Studies majors and minors complete a supervised internship in public administration, social service, urban planning, law enforcement, or related urban topic. Individual assignments are based on the student’s academic preparation and career aspirations. An invaluable opportunity to have a real-world work experience, network with practicing professionals in areas of potential employment, and/or gain practical preparation for graduate study. Many Urban Studies students have obtained their first job after graduation from connections they made during their internship.


Senior Project (URBN 456) – normally offered each semester
Urban Studies majors have the opportunity to complete an advanced internship, conduct an original urban research project, or complete a senior thesis to satisfy the requirements of URBN 456. Working directly with a senior member of the Urban Studies Program faculty, students can utilize this course to demonstrate their expertise in Urban Studies and prepare themselves for graduate school or employment.