Students may complete an undergraduate major in Urban Studies. The major requires the completion of a total of 13 classes (39 semester hours) as indicated:

Lower Division Courses: 15 semester hours

URBN 100 - The Urban World
URBN 110 - Urban Analysis
SOCL 109 - Social Research Methods
SOCL 210 - Elementary Social Statistics

and one of the following:
AFAM 115 - African-American Studies
APAM 117 - Asian Pacific Amer Studies
CHST 116 - Chicano Studies

Upper Division Courses: 15 semester hours

URBN 345 - Urban Planning
URBN 346 - Sustainable Cities
URBN 347 - Community Development
URBN 455 - Urban Internship 
URBN 456 - Senior Project

and 9 semester hours of courses selected from the following areas:
1) Law and Justice
2) Urban Politics, Public Administration, and Policy Analysis
3) Urban Culture
4) Urban-Ethnic Communities
5) Urban Planning


The current University Bulletin includes a list of specific courses that satisfy the five area requirements.


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