Urban Studies Society

The Urban Studies Society is established as an LMU student organization (1) to promote the academic interests of the LMU Urban Studies Program and its students, (2) to provide a forum for the discussion of issues related to modern urbanization and Urban Studies on the LMU campus, (3) to serve as a resource for students interested in career preparation in areas related to Urban Studies, (4) to serve as a mechanism for the promotion of community service by the Urban Studies Programs and its students in a manner consistent with the University goals, and (5) to function as a vehicle for the promotion of interaction between students majoring in, minoring in, interested in, and/or taking classes in Urban Studies. 


As a student organization, the activities and events of the Urban Studies Society are up to the current students’ interests. Past activities have ranged from hosting graduate school fairs to constructing a pocket park in a downtown Los Angeles neighborhood. Get involved and help make the Urban Studies Society an integral part of your experience as an Urban Studies student.


For more information or to get involved, send an email to the Society.