Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities in Urban Studies

Narek Mkrtoumian presenting research

Faculty-guided research is an important way that Urban Studies majors hone marketable skills in data analysis and geographic information systems (GIS). Many Urban Studies majors take on research projects, through independent studies, through university-wide opportunities like the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), and through these unique opportunities available to Urban Studies majors.

Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles

Qualified Urban Studies majors may apply for internships at the Center for the Study of Los Angeles, one of the top undergraduate research centers in the nation. Student researchers participate in research projects involving public opinion surveys, exit polling, and leadership and community studies.

Senior Project (URBN 4000)

A capstone experience for all Urban Studies majors, the Senior Project is a supervised internship and directed research on a specific urban topic incorporating appropriate primary and secondary research methodologies and/or participant observation.

From Research to Employment

Urban Studies major Narek Mkrtoumian '15 (pictured) worked as both a student researcher and as a geographical information systems (GIS) intern at LMU's Center for the Study of Los Angeles (CSLA). His research for the CSLA was featured at the annual LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Upon graduation, Narek was hired by Beacon Economics as a business development manager where his GIS skills, acquired as an Urban Studies major, are critical to his professional success.