Courses Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Click below to see course offerings in Urban Studies during the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • FALL 2016: Course Schedule





    URBN 1000
    The Urban World

    TR 0940-1110
    STR 367

    Hoffman, P

    EXP: Understanding Human Bhv

    URBN 3010
    Metropolitan Los Angeles

    T 1620-1920
    UNH 1226

    Hoffman, P


    URBN 3046
    Sustainable Cities

    TR 1440-1610
    UNH 3222

    Seymour, M


    URBN 3047
    Community Development

    T 1620-1920
    UNH 3222

    Seymour, M


    URBN 3998
    SS:Envrmntl Planning/Policy

    W 1910-2210
    UNH 2002



    URBN 4000
    Senior Project


    Hoffman, P

    FLAG: Engaged Learning and FLAG: Writing

  • SPRING 2017: Course Schedule
    Course Instructor Time/Location Flags/Core
    URBN 1010
    Urban Analysis
    Mona Nicole Seymour TR 09:40 am-11:00 am
    STR 237
    URBN 3045
    Urban Planning
    TBA TR 01:00 pm-02:30 pm
    UNH 1218
    URBN 3998
    SS: Intro to GIS
    TBA W 07:10 pm-10:10 pm
    UNH 2330
    URBN 4000
    Senior Project
    Mona Nicole Seymour TBA
    FLAG: Engaged Learning and FLAG: Writing
  • Special Courses

    The Urban Studies Program curriculum offers students the opportunity to take various specialized courses that depart from the conventional approach of most college classes. In these courses, students will hear from guest lecturers with direct professional involvement in urban affairs and policy, have the opportunity to work alongside real-world professionals addressing important problems in today’s cities, and/or conduct original research on important urban problems. These special courses take advantage of LMU’s many linkages to metropolitan Los Angeles, the extraordinarily dynamic, multicultural, postmodern city in which the University is located. Some examples of the specialized classes in Urban Studies include: 

    Metropolitan Los Angeles (URBN 3065) - normally offered each spring semester

    The central component of URBN 3065 is a lecture series featuring prominent guest speakers, including Southern California business, community, and government leaders. This interdisciplinary course provides students with the opportunity to investigate a variety of issues associated with modern urbanization as expressed in contemporary Los Angeles.

    Environmental Planning and Policy (URBN 3998) - normally offered each fall semester

    URBN 3998 is an introduction to the application of environmental and sustainable practices in the field of urban and regional planning and policy. Under the guidance of a practicing urban planner, students will become familiar with principal themes in environmental regulation, analyze the evolution of regulatory changes, and discuss recent and pending legislation. Principal topics covered include the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), evolution of environmental regulation in several areas, including Air Quality, Urban Sprawl, Waste Management and Water Policy, and the role national and state policies have in the development of the “green” economy.

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