Core Requirements

Core Requirements

All students at Loyola Marymount University take 13 courses in the university’s Core Curriculum, which creates a common intellectual foundation among all students. The Core emphasizes intellectual, creative/artistic, and moral development – and is central to our mission to educate the whole person.


  • All students must take 13 core courses distributed across 3 areas: Foundations, Explorations, and Integrations. For many BCLA students, some of classes might fulfill a core requirement and a major requirement at the same time. 
  • All students must also earn six flags in the competency areas of writing, oral skills, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and engaged learning. A course may earn up to 2 flags at a time, and might earn a flag and fulfill one core requirement at a time. 
  • The Office of the Registrar’s Curriculum Advising Guide offers the most comprehensive explanation of the requirements, including specific information for transfer students and students in the honors program. 

The Core at BCLA:

BCLA offers the majority of core courses at LMU each semester; many BCLA students will be able to fulfill between 4 and 6 core requirements and flags within their own major.

Use your department’s 4-Year Plan Worksheet or consult your departmental advisor to strategically choose courses that fulfill core and major requirements at the same time. 

Policies regarding the Core Curriculum flag requirements:

We expect and encourage all students to meet the six flag requirement, but we understand that some students may be unable to meet this requirement and maintain their graduation trajectory. To assist, as the College continues to increase the number of flagged courses, the following policies have been approved by the University:

  • Students graduating at any point in 2016 & 2017 are required to complete four out of the six flags. At least one of the four flags must be writing.
  • Students graduating at any point in 2018 are required to complete five out of the six flags. At least one of the five flags must be writing.
  • Students who transferred into LMU with 60 or more units are required to complete three out of the six flags. At least one of the three flags must be writing.
  • Students graduating in 2019 or later will be required to complete all six flags.

All flagged courses must be taken at LMU. The University does not count transfer courses towards flag requirements.

Our Favorite Core Resources:

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