Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Figurines of the Advising Center team

Figurine of Richard Fox

Richard Fox, BCLA Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Richard Fox is a professor of Political Science and oversees the Advising Center. He is a complete political junkie who compares election day to his birthday and New Year’s Eve rolled up into one. Despite his seeming aloofness and generally dour demeanor, he truly loves helping students succeed at LMU and lives by the motto: “study what you love, nothing else matters.” In his spare time he enjoys needlepoint and moon-lighting as a rodeo clown.

Figurine of Emily Schlam

Emily Schlam, BCLA Assistant Dean

Emily moved from NYC to LA to join the fantastic Undergraduate Education team at BCLA and to pursue her Ed. D in Educational Leadership at UCLA. Emily works closely with students, faculty, and administrators to develop UG curricular initiatives, assists students with financial aid and scholarship questions, and oversees BCLA’s enrollment management. In her free time, Emily enjoys going on hikes with her dog Kayla.

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Timothy Beaucage, BCLA Academic Advisor

Tim recently relocated to Los Angeles after having worked at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where they earned their graduate degree in Higher Education Administration. Tim has a passion for international affairs, teaching, travel, and used to live in Germany. They are also known to be a huge fan of karaoke. Being the newest addition to the team, Tim is excited to work with the LMU community and is looking forward to helping others enrich their academic and co-curricular experiences!

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Sarah Burtch, BCLA Academic Advisor

Sarah recently moved to Los Angeles from New York, where she earned her graduate degree in Media Studies from The New School. Sarah loves exploring new places; she's been to 43 states and 10 countries. Sarah looks forward to advising the students at BCLA. Feel welcome to stop by and say hello!

Figurine of Isabel Solano Robles

Isabel Solano Robles, BCLA Academic Advisor

Isabel is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico but was raised in Los Angeles and considers herself a true Angelino. She loves her city, and that is why she decided to move back to LA after completing graduate studies at New York University. Coffee is part of her culture so she has been drinking it all her life, so she's always looking for great coffee spots.

Figurine of Yolanda Klishevich

Yolanda Klishevich, Senior Coordinator of Academic Services

When Yolanda is not in the office, she enjoys walking or bicycling along the beach, attending her daughters’ sport events and cooking for family and friends.

Figurine of Chelcea DuBose

Chelcea DuBose, Graduate Assistant

Chelcea graduated from Pace University with a major in English and a focus in creative writing. Originally from West Hills, CA, she moved to California to pursue the English master's program at LMU, where she is also focusing on creative writing. Her goal is to teach at the university level while simultaneously writing her own short stories and novels.