Undergraduate Programs

Meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow requires thoughtful and critical engagement by leaders in all fields. The Department of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University provides students with a broad and deep theological foundation, so that they might address the largest questions of existence in a range of vitally important disciplines and professions.

Core Curriculum

The Department also offers a wide variety of courses as part of Loyola Marymount University's Core Curriculum. Each LMU student takes at least one 1000-level theological studies course in Foundations: Theological Inquiry in the first two years and one 3000-level course in Integrations: Faith and Reason in the second two.



Major and Minor Programs 

The Theology Major and Minor programs encourage learning within the context of the multifaceted, varied, and global Catholic intellectual tradition. Rooted in this context, the programs value diverse approaches to questions of ultimate meaning and transcendence, and promote ecumenical and interreligious approaches to such questions. Majors and Minors explore the complex dynamics of faith and reason, and become more critically aware, creative, responsible, and transformed women and men for others. Majors and Minors receive professional preparation, mentoring, and support from local teachers, ministers, and graduate students.

Theology Major: Twelve Courses

THST 100: Intro to Old Testament
THST 110: Intro to New Testament
THST 320: History of Christianity I
THST 321: History of Christianity II
THST 496: Senior Seminar

In addition to these required classes, Majors complete seven upper division courses (300 or 400 level), split among three distribution areas:

Area A – Sacred Scriptures, Religious Sources, and Traditions (two courses); Area B – Theology, Ethics, and Spirituality (three courses); Area C – Faith, Culture, and Ministry (one course); One Upper Division Elective  (one course in any area).
*Majors take at least four 400 level Major/Minor seminars.

Theology Minor: Six Courses

The Theology Minor is a flexible program, allowing students to take courses in areas that most fit their interests and needs. There are no specific course requirements. At least four of the six courses must be at the upper division level (300 or 400 level). Theology Minors take at least two 400 level Major/Minor seminars.

Lay Ministry Minor: Six Courses Plus 90 Hours of Fieldwork

The Lay Ministry Minor allows students to discern and prepare for a vocation in  ministry. At least five of the six courses must be at the upper division level (300 or 400 level). Lay Ministry Minors take at least two 400 level Major/Minor seminars. Lay Ministry Minors must also complete at least 90 hours of supervised fieldwork.

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