Financial Aid Information

Students with general questions about financial aid should direct their questions to the Financial Aid Office via e-mail at  Students will receive a response in 24 hours.  Also, much information can be found on our official Graduate Financial Aid website, a great resource for current and/or prospective students. 

The Graduate Theological Studies Department offers several departmental grants to its students. ‌ Download the 2015-2016 Graduate Theological Studies Grant Application Here.

Learn about the following grants we offer and see if you may qualify:   

  Scholarship Award  Amount Eligibility

Theological Studies Department Scholarship


Available to all Theological Studies Department Graduate students, based upon financial need and merits.


LMU Grant Religious Scholarship

25% of tuition

Applicants must be a member of the Catholic Clergy or Catholic religious orders. Please provide evidence of membership in a Catholic religious order or proof of Clergy status along with your application.


LMU Grant
Catholic Teacher / Ministry Scholarship

$1000 per 3 unit class

Applicants must teach full-time in Catholic Elementary or Secondary Education or work full-time in Catholic Ministry. Please submit official employment verification along with your application.


LMU Grant Developing Countries Scholarship

100% tuition

Available to priests or members of a religious order (non U.S. citizens) who come from developing countries.