M.A. in Theology Requirements 42 Unit Program

REQUIREMENTS for students admitted August 2009 or later

All students must complete  42 semester hours , maintaining a minimum grade point average of "B" (3.0). All courses are 3 semester hours, unless noted.

Core Courses (21)
The following seven courses ( 21 semester hours ) are required.

THST 600 Foundations of New Testament Theology or THST 603 Foundations of Old Testament Theology
THST 620 Foundations of Historical Theology or any one course form the 620s
THST 630 Introduction to Systematic Theology
THST 660 Foundations of Christian Moral Life
THST 692 Graduate Pro-Seminar (taken in the first semester)
THST 695 Comprehensive Exam Seminar (taken during your final year in the Fall semester) (3 Semester Hours)
THST 696 Research and Writing Seminar (taken during your final year in the Spring semester) (3 Semester Hours)


Elective Courses (21)
Theology students are to complete an additional 21 semester hours totaling 42 semester hours. After 33 hours are completed, students may enroll in the Capstone Seminar and Directed Research Seminar.

Concentration in Comparative Theology
Theology students may choose to take elective courses that develop a concentration in Comparative Theology. The concentration in Comparative Theology serves students who wish to focus their program more specifically around questions of religious diversity, interreligious dialogue, world religions and comparative theology. The concentration is comprised of four courses (12 units). Students who choose to do this Concentration are required to take:

  • THST 680: Comparative Theology


In addition, students are required to take three (3) of the following (or other courses approved by the academic advisor in concert with the graduate director):

  • THST 610: World Religions
  • THST 611: Islam
  • THST 612: Indic Religious Traditions: Hinduism
  • THST 613: Buddhism and Jainism
  • THST 614: Judaism
  • THST 615/PHIL 606: Classics of Chinese Philosophy
  • THST 616: Inter-religious Dialogue
  • THST 619: Readings in Religious Literature
  • THST 643: Feminist Theology: World Perspectives
  • THST 681: Comparative Religious Ethics
  • THST 682: Comparative Mysticism

Capstone Experience
Students who enrolled before Fall 2009: Please see the Capstone Experience page.