Forms 2012-13

Below you will find a variety of information and forms pertaining to course checklists and requirements, transfer course approvals, independent study procedures, graduate assistantships, departmental scholarships, and filing an application for degree.  Simply click the desired link and the form will be displayed in a different window.


Course Checklist and Requirements
Below are course checklists and requirements for both the MA in Theology and MA in Pastoral Theology.  Course checklists and requirements are applicable to each student based on their time of enrollment as well as in which program they enrolled: 



Changing your program, adjusting transcript information, applying for transfer course credit(s), and course waivers.
Below are forms needed to be filed with the Office of the Registrar (located in the Von der Ahe building, suite 150), if you wish to make a change of program (i.e. changing from an MA in Theology to an MA in Pastoral Theology), petition an adjustment of your transcript information (i.e. adding or dropping courses), apply for transfer course credit for courses taken at institutions other than Loyola Marymount University, and/or CAPP adjustments (i.e. for course substitutions and/or course waivers):


Independent Study Courses
If you are planning to take, or wish to take, an Independent Study Course, please read over the Independent Study Procedures.  Also, you will need to fill out the Independent Study Formand supply an Independent Study Syllabus Form.  All may be found below:



Graduate Assistantship
The Graduate Theological Studies Department offers several part-time, Graduate Assistantship positions. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. To be eligible, you must be enrolled full-time (6 units or more) in both the Fall and Spring semesters. For more information, download the Graduate Assistantship Application below:



Graduate Theological Studies General Scholarship Application
The Graduate Theological Studies Department offers several different departmental grants based on factors such as financial need, merit, evidence of membership in a Catholic religious order, and employment verification for full-time teachers or ministers at a Catholic institution.  Additional information regarding eligibility can be found here.  You can download the general scholarship application below which can be used for one or more (dependent on eligibility) of the departmental grants offered.
Theological Studies General Scholarship Application 2012-2013



Application for Degree
Graduate students who plan to graduate and participate in the May Commencement ceremony are required to file an application for degree with Office of the Registrar (located in the Von der Ahe building, Suite 150).  This application should be filed no later than the first week of the spring semester:v
Application for Degree