Capstone Experience

Comprehensive Exam (for completion of M.A. in Theology Program)

Thesis (for completion of M.A. in Theology Program)

Pastoral Synthesis Project (for completion of M.A. in Pastoral Theology Program)

Students submitting a Thesis or Pastoral Synthesis Project to fulfill their Capstone Experience are also encouraged to submit their research projects to the William H. Hannon Library - Digital Commons Library. Please see the attachments below for guidelines and the necessary forms to do so:

Binding your Thesis or Pastoral Synthesis Project: While students are no longer required to bind their Thesis or Pastoral Synthesis Projects, they are welcomed to do so and printing guidelines can be found in the attachment below. Students are encouraged to print a copy for themselves as well as a copy to be donated to the Graduate Theological Studies Department Library (where future students can read and reference your excellent work!):