Matthew J. Pereira

Matthew Joseph Pereira

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Theological Studies
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Suite 3700
Los Angeles, CA  90045


Phone:  310/338-2853










Academic Background

Ph.D. Department of Religion, Columbia University, 2015

S.T.M. Union Theological Seminary, 2008

M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary, 2004

B.A. University of Washington, 1999

Teaching and Research Interests

My teaching interests and scholarship is unusually broad, however, my expertise focuses on
assessing the correlation between reception, transmission, translation and interpretation of the past
in the formation of identity and doctrinal commitments. In my dissertation, I employed the lens of
hermeneutics and social memory studies in analyzing the patterns of reception, interpretation and
doctrinal formation within the writings of John Maxentius and the Scythian monks. I translated
many of Maxentius’ Latin works into English (27,000 words), thus, making them available for the
first time in soon to be publication. In addition to Late Antique Christianity, I am interested in how
the reception and interpretation of the past (i.e., Church Fathers) shaped the formation of
ecclesiastical identities and theological discourse during the European Reformation. To this end, I
recently published as essay in an edited volume on John Calvin’s reception and interpretation of
Augustine in developing a theory of social justice.



Philanthropy and Social Compassion in Eastern Orthodox Tradition, The SophiaInstitute: Studies in Orthodox Theology, Vol. 2, ed. Matthew J. Pereira, New York: NY: Theotokos Press (2010). Also available at Columbia University Academic Commons:

Journal Articles

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Contributions to Edited Volumes

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