Amir Hussain

Professor of Theological Studies
Department of Theological Studies
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, Suite 3700
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659, USA


Academic Background

  • Ph. D., University of Toronto, 2001
  • M. A., University of Toronto, 1990
  • B. Sc., University of Toronto, 1987


Current Areas of Research

Dr. Hussain teaches and publishes about Islam and Muslim lives. His research focuses on Muslim communities in North America. He also teaches about comparative religion and interfaith dialogue. For 2011 to 2015, he is the editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the premier scholarly journal for the study of religion.

Courses Currently Teaching

Dr. Hussain is on sabbatical for the Fall 2011 semester. In the past, he has taught the following courses:

  • THST 180: Religions of the World
  • THST 386: Islam
  • THST 398: Muslim/Jewish Theology
  • THST 481: Islam in the Modern World
  • THST 680: Comparative Theology
  • THST 698: Islam and Interreligious Dialogue


Professional Bio

Dr. Amir Hussain is Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he teaches courses on world religions. His own particular specialty is the study of Islam, focusing on contemporary Muslim societies in North America. Although born in Pakistan, Amir came to Canada with his family when he was four. His academic degrees (BSc, MA, PhD) are all from the University of Toronto where he received a number of awards, including the university’s highest award for alumni service. Amir’s PhD dissertation was on Muslim communities in Toronto. For 2011 to 2015, Amir is the editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the premier scholarly journal for the study of religion.

He has a deep commitment to students, and holds the distinction of being the only male to serve as Dean of Women at University College, University of Toronto. Before coming to California in 1997, Amir taught courses in religious studies at several universities in Canada. He is active in academic groups such as the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion and the American Academy of Religion. He is on the editorial boards of four scholarly journals, the Journal of Religion, Conflict and Peace; Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life; the Ethiopian Journal of Religious Studies; and Comparative Islamic Studies. Amir is also interested in areas such as religion and music, religion and literature, religion and film and religion and popular culture. In 2008, he was appointed a fellow of the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities.

Prior to his appointment at Loyola Marymount University, Amir taught at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) from 1997 to 2005. Amir won a number of awards at CSUN, both for his teaching and research. In 2001 he was selected for the outstanding faculty award by the National Center on Deafness. For the academic year 2003-04, he was selected as the Jerome Richfield Memorial Scholar. In both 2008 and 2009, Amir was chosen by vote of LMU students as the Professor of the Year. He is the editor for the third edition of World Religions: Western Traditions, a textbook published by Oxford University Press in 2010. Prior to that book, he wrote an introduction to Islam for North Americans entitled Oil and Water: Two Faiths, One God (Kelowna: Copper House, 2006). In addition, since 2005, Amir has written over 25 book chapters or scholarly articles about Islam and Muslims.


Selected Publications


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Latest News

Dr. Hussain is on sabbatical for the Fall 2011 semester.

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“Every year is World Hunger Year until we end world hunger”


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Professor Hussain is a Fellow of the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities.

Professor Hussain is the Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion.