Service Opportunity at The Learning Garden

Nov 10th: 9am - 2pm

In honor of the Health Now theme of The 2012 Bellarmine Forum, the Center for Service and Action is partnering with the Learning Garden located at Venice High School for a service opportunity.

The Learning Garden is a model example of how school gardens can transform the lives of students and teachers and the environment of their community. For several years, many groups worked with the high school horticulture program to transform the 60,000 square foot plot of land into a garden, but due to lack of stronger community support it remained mostly an eyesore filled with trash, overgrown with weeds, and a magnet for vandalism. Today, the agricultural plots are filled with organic food grown by the high school students. Health-related classes such as tai chi, qigong, and natural food cooking are offered on its large stone patio. The garden has a large medicinal plant section for educational purposes, a pond with a water garden and waterfall, and a California native plant and cacti garden. A community garden is tended by local volunteers, and numerous groups and organizations use and support the garden. Join a group of LMU companions and volunteer in the learning garden to help honor the health of our community.

The school is located at the cross-section of Walgrove and Venice Blvd. The official address is 13000 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90066. For more information about The Learning Garden, please visit

Please, bring your own pair of gardening gloves, sack lunch and reusable water bottle. There will be a cooler of water on hand, but please bring your own drinking container. We will be moving compost, mulching and helping with various tasks that need to be done in order to help this community garden thrive.

There is no minimum age requirement and children are welcome, however parents need to ensure their young ones remain safe - a garden is a place with plants with thorns and sharp tools. There are a few simple rules: stay in the pathways, don't pick fruit or veggies you did not grow and no running.

There is a 40 person maximum attendance for this volunteer event. To RSVP please email