Revolutions of the Heart: 8 LMU Leaders in Service, Action, and Community Healing

Nov 3rd, 2:30pm-4:30pm: Murphy Hall

Directed by Judith Royer, C.S.J.
Script Edited by playwright Doris Baizley
Visual and Sound Design by Jim Holmes

The lives of 8 members of the LMU community who have effected social change through service and action will be dramatized. These stories arise from challenged regions of the world, such as El Salvador, as well as the work these leaders do on behalf of populations such as the undocumented, homeless, trafficked, and persons in the criminal system here at home.

Actors will perform a dramatization of the lives of community leaders in health who have effected social change through service and action. The stories portrayed will be from amongst the faculty, staff, and students of Loyola Marymount University who have become models for their commendable service and action.

Writers and actors for this event include: Linda Bannister, Doris Baizley, Jami Brandli, Catharine Christof, Julianne Homokay, James E. Hurd, Jr., Jeremiah Munsey, Nenad Pervan, Sofya Weitz.

Storytellers for this event include:

  • Franky Carrillo (Student, work with the Criminal System)
  • Lorena Chavez (Community Engagement, Student Affairs, Service and Action)
  • Antonia Darder, Ph.D. (Educational Leadership, Artist, Poet, Activist)
  • Jodi Finkel, Ph.D. (Political Science, work with Sex Workers and Human Trafficking)
  • Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu, Ph.D. (Theological Studies, work with The Undocumented)
  • Debra B. Linesch, Ph.D. (Marital and Family Therapy)
  • Herbert A. Medina, Ph.D. (Mathematics, International and Domestic Service and Academic Enrichment Programs for Students)
  • Marty D. Roers (Minister of Social Justice, President's Office, and Campus Ministry)

A reception will follow the program in Dunning Courtyard