Going Up? The Health Research Round Robin Event

Nov 9th, 3-5pm: 3rd Floor Skyway of University Hall
This event is for scholars of health research

Hosted by Joseph McNicholas, M.D.A, Ph.D., C.R.A. Director of the Office for Research and Sponsored Projects


Ever wondered what health-related research is being conducted at LMU? This event is your opportunity to learn more about what other faculty are doing, and to tell others what you are working on, as well. The goal is to have fun and stimulate interdisciplinary projects in a fast-paced, interactive environment. Using a timed, round-robin format, faculty will present their research ideas, honing their message into a persuasive "pitch" suitable for elevators, professional conferences, university hallways, and conversations with program officers. Please join us for what promises to be a memorable, productive, and unique opportunity to get to know your colleagues.