2012 Schedule: Oct 24th - Nov 10th

Programming information is subject to revision.


Wednesday, 10/24


Panel presentation titled "What is Health?"


  7-8:30 pm  

Talk by Susan Reverby "Escaping Melodramas: Thinking about the Infamous U.S. STD Studies in Tuskegee and Guatemala"



Thursday, 10/25

  9:30 am-1:30 pm  

Health Now Health Fair 


  12:15-1:30 pm  

Talk by David Sloane "Landscapes of Health: Los Angeles Past and Present" 



Friday 10/26

  Noon-2 pm  

Panel hosted by Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange titled "Health as Wholeness: Response to Local, National and Global Needs...So that all may be one..."


  3-4 pm  

LIONS Garden is located between Sullivan and Pereira Halls - LIONS Garden Tour guided by Joe Rasmussen 


  6-7:30 pm  

Talk by Marion Nestle, Acclaimed Professor of Nutrition and Public Health, Author of Food Politics and What to Eat


  7:30-9 pm  

Farm Fresh Bites Sustainable Food Event



Saturday, 10/27

  10 am to 7 pm  

Yoga Serves: A Day of Wellness in Community



Tuesday, 10/30

  6:30-8 pm  

Panel Presentation titled "Health Care Service for Underserved Populations: Reflections from Alternative Break Trips"



Wednesday, 10/31

  Noon-1:30 pm  

Talk by Brietta Clark, J.D. "Can Health Care Reform Ensure Equity in Health Care Access and Quality?"


  3-4:30 pm  

Talk by James Walter "Healthcare Reform in the United States: Five Ethical Elephants in the Room?"



Thursday, 11/1

  12:15-1:30 pm  

Talk titled "Free Clinics and the Affordable Care Act"  by Donald Manelli and Carol Meyer of Care Harbor


  6-9:30 pm  

Crude Reflections: Oil, Ruin, & Resistance in the Amazon Rainforest



Friday, 11/2

  Noon-1:30 pm  

Talk by Elizabeth Siegel Watkins "Contraception and Controversy in America, 1960-2012"



3-5 pm



Open House at the LMU Human Performance Laboratory

  7-9 pm  

Panel presentation titled "The Creative Life of a Whole Person: Mind, Body, and Spirit"



Saturday, 11/3


Think Pink 5K Walk/Run



Talk by Barry Franklin titled, "Exercise is Medicine: The Underfilled Prescription" 

  2:30-4:30 pm  

Revolutions of the Heart: 8 LMU Leaders in Service, Action, and Community Healing



Wednesday, 11/7

  Noon-2 pm  

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health Panel


   5-7 pm  

Hunger Banquet


   7-8:30 pm  

Talk by Robert Doyle "Health Care Decision-Making: Navigating the Clinical Setting for Same-Sex Partners"



Thursday, 11/8

  Noon-4 pm  

The Human Library


  12:15-1:30 pm  

Talk by Gilbert Gee titled "Does racism make you sick?"


   6-9 pm  

Health Disparities and Inequalities 



Friday, 11/9

  Noon-1:30 pm  

Talk by Sharmila Rudrappa, "India's Reproductive Assembly Line and its Surrogate Mother Workers"


  3-5 pm  

Going Up? The Health Research Round Robin Event


  6-9:30pm   LUNAFEST: LMU!  

Saturday, 11/10





Service Opportunity at The Learning Garden

   2:30-4:30 pm  

Artists Speak, Student Performances and Exhibits