Roberto Dell’Oro, Professor of Theological Studies
William Fulco, S.J., NEH Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Sunday, October 25

8 PM Mass – Sacred Heart Chapel
Celebrant, William Fulco, S.J.
Theme for the Homily: “Whoever Looks at Me…”

Monday, October 26

Minding the Human Condition: A Journey through Disciplines
















Morning (AHMANSON 1000)
10-10:10 AM
Opening Remarks: Paul Tiyambe Zeleza (Dean, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts)




10:10-10:50 AM
Taking Care of the Vulnerable: Where Religious and Secular Ethics Meet in a Pluralistic World
, Warren T. Reich (Distinguished Research Professor of Religion and Ethics, Theology Department, Georgetown University)



11 AM-12:15 PM
Vulnerability and the Human Condition: Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy, and Theological Aesthetics
, Christopher Kaczor (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy), Stephen Shepherd (Professor, Department of English), and Cecilia González Andrieu (Assistant Professor, Department of Theological Studies)



















  (AHMANSON 1000)
2-2:05 PM
Introduction to the Afternoon:
Rae Linda Brown (Vice President for Undergraduate Education)




2:05-3 PM
Facing Our Broken Self between Resistance and Surrender: A Matrix for Growth
, Kathy Coffey-Guenther (Associate Director, Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality, Marquette University)

Vulnerability through the Eyes of the Poet , Gail Wronsky (Professor, Department of English) and Student Poets –



(HILTON 100)










7:30-7:35 PM
Introduction to the Evening
Robert Scholla, S.J., (Rector, LMU Jesuit Community)



7:35-9 PM
The Homeboy Solution
, Gregory Boyle, S.J. (Executive Director, Homeboys Industries)

Tuesday, October 27


Undergoing Suffering: Children, Families, and Communities


Whoever now weeps somewhere in the world,
without reason in the world, weeps over me.








Morning (AHMANSON 1000)
9:25-9:30 AM
Introduction to the Morning
Joseph Hellige (Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies)










9:30-10:30 AM
On the Suffering of Children and the Impossible Claim of Theodicy
Therese Lysaught (Associate Professor and Assistant Department Chair, Theology Department, Marquette University)






10:50 AM-12:15 PM
Crossing Borders: Ruptured Families , Debra Linesch (Professor and Chair, Department of Marital and Family Therapy), Beth Rosenblatt (Art Psychotherapist, Venice Family Clinic), and Ana Laura Treviño (Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Marital and Family Therapy)





fternoon (AHMANSON 1000)
1:35-2:50 PM
Confronting Families Stories of Disability, Abuse, and Cruelty to Children
, Kelly Bradford (LMU Student) and the Bradford Family








3-4:30 PM
Experiencing Vulnerability: A View from LMU Students
, Student Guests







Evening (HILTON 100)
7:30-7:35 PM
Introduction to the Keynote Address
David W. Burcham (University Provost)








7:35-8:45 PM
Keynote Address
Children Caught in the System: The LA Experience , Cyn Yamashiro (Director, Center for Juvenile Policy and Law, Loyola Law School)





8:45-9:30 PM
Reception to Follow (DEAN’S PATIO 3rd FLOOR HILTON)









Wednesday, October 28



Channeling the Voices of the Lost: the Case of Africa


Whoever now dies somewhere in the world,
dies without reason in the world, looks at me.






10-10:10 AM
Robert B. Lawton, S.J. (University President)






10:10-10:50 AM
Africa’s Children and the Renaissance Dream
, Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize Winning Author and Professor in Residence)








11 AM-12:15 PM
Tales of Horror: African Families and their Untold Stories
, Gilbert Ndahayo (Filmmaker and Visiting Professor, School of Film and Television, Columbia University), Jok Maduk Jok (Professor, Department of History), and Elias Wondimu (Editorial and Production Manager, Marymount Institute Press)







Afternoon (HILTON 100)
1:35-2:30 PM
African Refugee Women: A Journey from Violence/A Path to Peace,
Cassandra Veney (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science)








3:00-5 PM (HILTON 100)
Documentary Film: Rwanda: Beyond the Deadly Pit , Gilbert Ndahayo
This is the world premiere of the first film ever made by a survivor of the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994. In a scene only five feet from the perpetrators, Ndahayo asks, “My father was among the people you killed. Now, tell me how you killed him. Did you choke him? Did you poison him? Did you burn him in the same way you burnt my mother, my younger sister and those 153 other people?”

















Evening (AHMANSON 1000)
7:30-7:35 PM
Introduction to the Evening
Ernest Rose (Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer, LMU)






7:35-9 PM
Paul Tiyambe Zeleza (Dean, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, LMU)
The Lost Children of Africa: A Historical Perspective
The talk of Dean Zeleza will be prefaced by a dramatic reading of excerpts from Uwem Akpan’s, Say You’re One of Them (LMU Department of Theatre Arts)







Thursday, October 29



Forgotten: Crime, Punishment, and Impunity

Whoever now laughs somewhere in the night,
laughs without reason in the night, laughs at me.








Morning (AHMANSON 1000)
9:25-9:30 AM
Margaret Kasimatis (Vice President of Academic Planning and Effectiveness)






9:30-10:30 AM
Javier Stauring, Los Angeles Archdiocese Office of Restorative Justice: The Vulnerable Youth in the Criminal Justice System: Punishment or Rehabilitation?








10:35-11:15 AM
Doing Justice to Mercy: Value Conflicts and Public Life
, Jonathan Rothchild (Assistant Professor, Department of Theological Studies) and John Parrish (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science)

















11:20 AM-12:15 PM
Violence and Impunity: Women Sex Workers in Guatemala
, Jodi Finkel (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science)

1:35-2:50 PM
Stories of Survival
, Mike Kennedy, S.J. (Chaplain, Sylmar Juvenile Hall) and Guests






“But They Don’t Know I Exist!” Anonymity and Census Accountability , LMU Student Guests, Tommy Randle (Census Coordinator Specialist for the LA Region), Lucía Díaz (Chief Executive Officer, Mar Vista Community Center )













7:30-9:45 pm PM
On the Front Line:
Three Generations of Soldiers’ Voices , directed by Judith Royer, Professor Theatre Art






On The Front Line features the stories of a diverse group of California veterans from World War II through Iraq: gathered from interviews by Los Angeles actors/writers and told in a dramatic narrative to be shared with the veterans themselves and with us, the citizens they served. Their experiences touch on issues of civil rights, self-identity, and the long-lasting consequences of war in the hearts and minds of the soldiers who fought in them. Performance will be followed by a post-play discussion with a team of humanities experts (including Professors Lawrence Tritle, History; Ron K. Barrett, Psychology; Marsha Oseas, VA Medical Center Volunteer Trainer), the veterans whose stories have been told, and their writer/actors. This project was generated by a California Council for the Humanities “California Stories” grant and matching support from Loyola Marymount University .

True stories from: Mike Baldrige (Marines, Vietnam ), Thad Rasuli Ballew ( Navy , Vietnam ), Wendy Barranco ( Army , Iraq ), Abraham Salazar Beruman (Marines, Iraq ), Col. Franklin J. Henderson ( Army , Korea ), J.W. Holman ( Army , Vietnam ), David Jenett (Navy, WWII), Chris Mandia (Marines, Iraq ), Vincent Migliazzo (Army, WWII), George M. Omi ( Army , Korea ), Delton Sutherland ( Army , Iraq ).

Directed by Judith Royer, C.S.J., edited by Doris Baizley. Contributing Artists: Richard Azurdia, Linda Bannister, Doris Baizley, Catharine Christof, Harry Cronin, April Fitzsimmons, Johnny Garofalo, Joyce Guy, Jim Holmes, James E. Hurd, Jr., Greg Koppenhaver, Howard Lavick, Michaela Lavick, Chris Mandia, Emma McHugh, Ken Narasaki, Marsha Oseas, Nicole Rossi, Christopher Sweeney, and DeSean Terry, Alex Van Doren, Dan Weingarten.






Reception to follow







Friday, October 30



On the Nature of Addiction

Whoever now wanders somewhere in the world,
wanders without reason out in the world, wanders toward me.


Morning (AHMANSON 1000)
10-10:05 AM
Lanie Bove (Senior Vice President for Students Affairs)








10:05-10:50 AM
Is there an Addictive Personality? The Nature of Addiction: His Own Story
, William Fulco, S.J. (NEH Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Department of Classics)













11 AM-Noon
The Many Facets of Addiction
, Special Guests
Vulnerability: A Table Conversation
(by invitation only) -- Lunch and Conversation (Organized by Students Affairs), at noon (MCINTOSCH)





Afternoon (AHMANSON 1000)

2-2:05 PM
Ann Prisco (Vice President for Enrollment Management)










2:05-4 PM
Addiction: A Closer Look at the LMU Experience
, Joe LaBrie (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Director of HeadsUp ) and Guests







7-9 PM (HILTON 100)
Film, Leaving Las Vegas
Discussion to follow






Saturday, October 31



The Artist Speak, Students Performances and Exhibits (MURPHY RECITAL HALL)


2-4 PM
In this eighth annual presentation of “Artists Speak,” LMU students gifted in creative writing, dance, theatre arts, music, film, visual arts, and other endeavors share their responses to the topic of “vulnerability and the human condition” as issues which impact themselves, their communities, and the world. This event showcases performances and exhibits of original works reflecting the gifts, creativity and passion of student artists at LMU (Admission Free)











Student Art Contest: Vulnerability (THOMAS P. KELLY, Jr., STUDENT ART GALLERY)
The Presence of Absence: The Photographs of Richard Ehrlich






Reception to Follow





















Thursday, October 29


The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead , David Shields (Freshmen Book Program – K.J. Peters, Associate Professor of English) – at Noon (GERSTEN)







Through the Eyes of the Children: After Katrina



Guadalupe Homeless Project (MARYMOUNT INSTITUTE)