A specific theme under the umbrella topic of “environmental responsibility” will be highlighted each day.  Speakers and topics that have been confirmed are linked below:

Sunday, October 29

Remember Your Mother

Missa Gaia
("Earth Mass")

The Missa Gaia ("Earth Mass") is a contemporary mass, set to music by Paul Winter, includes the recorded calls of wolf, whale, and loon.  Come join us Sunday evening for this unforgettable experience.

Monday, October 30

Tick. Tick.

The events of this day will provide overview of the environmental crisis facing us nad how it relates to issues usually classified as “social”, including economic imperatives and the problem of poverty. The goal is to stimulate the intellectual, motivational, and practical changes it will take to address these critical issues constructively. What are we facing? What must we do?

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Jean Michel Cousteau, Founder, Ocean Futures Society
  • Jerry Schubel, President and CEO,  Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Activist, Cesar Chavez Foundation
  • Rajiv Bhatia, MD MPH, Director of Occupational and Environmental Health, San Francisco
  • Max Kennedy, Founder, Urban Ecology Institute at Boston College
  • Robert H. Nixon, Founder and Chairman, Earth Conservation Corps
  • Yvon Chouinard, Founder, Patagonia
  •  Tuesday, October 31

    Please Respond

    What does Catholic teaching tell us about our relationship to the earth and our response to the environment? How do other religious traditions construe the relationship between people and earth? How does nature relate to our spirituality? What are the ethics of environmental responsibility? The day’s goal is to engage the audience by drawing on their most fundamental ethico-religious commitments.

    Confirmed speakers include:

  • Christopher Chapple, PhD Theological Studies, LMU
  • Alethea Abuyuan, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture
  • Laura Cornell, Green Yoga Association
  • Amir Hussain, PhD Theological Studies, LMU
  • Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-founder and co-director, Forum on Religion and Ecology
  • Douglas Burton-Christie, PhD Theological Studies, LMU
  • Peter Nabokov, PhD Department of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA 
  • Paul Ojibway, SA, Church of Santa Maria
  • John Coleman, SJ, Casassa Chair of Social Values, LMU
  • The Honorable Ruth Galanter, Four-term LA City Council member
  • Thomas White, PhD Hilton Chair of Business Ethics, LMU
  • Philip Chmielewski, SJ, Sir Thomas More Engineering Ethics Chair, LMU
  • Wednesday, November 1*

    It All Adds Up

    Environmental issues are often simplistically framed in terms of “jobs versus environment.” However, both corporate and environmental leaders now recognize that this is a false dilemma, because the economy is a subsystem of and dependent on a healthy environment, and because any hoped-for environmental initiatives must be economically feasible. Key questions: Why do societies destroy the natural environment? How do we understand the interdependence of people and earth as we move forward to “save the world”? Can businesses succeed in “being green” both in terms of profit and environment? What about people in poverty—how do issues of social justice figure into the struggle for environmental responsibility?

    Confirmed speakers include:

  • Bobby Kennedy, Jr.
  • Laurie David, stopglobalwarming.org
  • Stephan Kroll, PhD, Economics Department, CSU Sacramento
  • Dan Selmi, JD, Loyola Law School
  • Peter Greenwald, senior policy advisor, South Coast Air Quality Management District
  • Duncan McFetridge, Save Our Forests and Ranchlands
  • Jonathan Parfrey,executive director, Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Joel Reynolds, JD, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Dianne Wittenberg, President, California Climate Action Registry
  • Judy Pike, Bentley Prince Street
  • Bharat Patel, DMJM Engineering Company
  • Michael Gibbs, ICF Consulting
  • Adam Lowry, co-founder, Method Products, Inc.
  • Thursday, November 2

    Clean your Room

    There are critical environmental issues in our very own backyard, specifically those dealing with water supply, wastewater and air. What are private entities and the government doing to address those issues? What can we learn from organizations that have succeeded in moving towards greater environmental responsibility in Los Angeles?

    Confirmed participants include:

  • Gloria Jeff, General Manager, LA Department of Transportation
  • Dan Beal, Automobile Club of Southern California
  • Irv Miller, Vice President, Toyota Motor Sales USA Group
  • Lambert Doezema, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry, LMU
  • Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
  • American Automobile Association (AAA)
  • Fran Spivy-Weber, Executive Director, Mono Lake Committee
  • Kristin Smiarowski, Dance, LM
  • Robert Een, composer
  • Edith Read, PhD., manager, Ballona Freshwater Marsh
  • Carlos Porras, Communities for a Better Environment
  • Detrich Allen, Director of Environmental Affairs, City of Los Angeles
  • Angelo Bellomo, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Jan Perry, Los Angeles City Council
  • Friday, November 3*

    Do More

    Stories of particular individuals can inspire and challenge us to consider “how can we act in more environmentally responsible ways in our own lives, everyday?” What are the ripple effects from taking these “small actions”? Friday will feature people those whose decisions to be responsible have led to significant, positive change.

    Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dorothy Green, founder, Heal the Bay
  • Andy Lipkis, founder, Tree People
  • Frances Spivy-Weber, executive director, Mono Lake Committee
  • The Hon. Ruth Galanter, four-term Los Angeles City Council member
  • *NOTE: Both Wednesday and Friday sessions will be oriented toward encouraging students to think of careers that allow them to support themselves and their families while protecting the environment and creating a more just and responsible world.